How packaging can draw in customers

First impressions go a long way. This adage holds true for most product delivery services. Customers usually notice when a supplier pays attention to how they present their product. Generally, people appreciate great presentation, as it normally indicates that the same care was put into creating the product. Even if you are a middle-man, neat packaging could add value to your service, and bump up your sales. 
 Some businesses handle high quantities of shipments. But they too can design their shipping boxes or packaging material to make their services feel more personal to customers. Simple packaging tricks can add that ‘Christmas present’ touch, even to the most basic products. There are several cheap and efficient ways to create packaging that better engages customers. 
Familiarize your customers with your brand

It can be tricky to make your packages personal if you use the bland UPS shipping boxes. However, using stickers or special boxes could make your parcels and your brand stand out. Knowing your customers is vital. While some customers appreciate personal notes and little gifts, others are minimalist and want to go straight into their product. It all comes down to what kind of product you are delivering, and the client-base you target. Once you find your niche, it is best to be consistent with our branding.
Who is getting your product?
At times, products you ship could end up being presents for other people. If there is a chance that your client will make your product a gift, then this could be an opportunity to get new customers. The best way to spread the word about your service is to include two or more business cards in the original package. This is a cost-effective way to market your brand and company name.
Add a little extra pizzazz

Substituting the boring clear tape with brand-colored ribbon could turn your package into a personal gift. Similarly, throwing in some confetti in your clothes package could dazzle your customers. Again, how far you can go with these special items will depend on your type of customers and your product. At times, simple and inexpensive modifications to your current packaging accessories can make all the difference. A unique font or color on your Thank You note could do the trick.
Social media and discount cards

Online platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are great places to sell your brand. It is easy to setup accounts for your business, where customers can share their experiences and photos of your products. However, it is necessary to be proactive and add a note in your shipping box, inviting your customers to your social media campaigns. In a similar fashion, including simple, business-card sized discount cards in packages can encourage clients to make future purchases. 
Show that you value your customer

Finally, adding handwritten Thank You notes to packages adds a personal touch that customers appreciate. If your business handles a lot of packages, then digital printing your signature should suffice. Notes like these humanize your brand and make customers feel special.

It is easy to get lost in creating the product, and forgetting how to deliver it. The value of a product can be noticed in the packaging, and there are always affordable and easy ways to make your brand more appealing to customers.