I like my coffee cold

I just looked at my high school book. 1997–2002.

You can read in it that Corinne (me!) wanted to be a columnist on a tv show. Coming from a younger version of me, I have to admit this position suits me pretty damn well. But I am so far away from this childish dream now. I had once a dream. And I didn’t follow it. Now I am 31 and I realize that I was right about my aspiration. I still secretly wish to be known. But there is nothing I have done lately to make this kick ass job THE job I would wake up excited about every morning. I guess this is why I am writing now. I have been writing blog posts for about 2 years but I’ve kept all my thoughts for myself. Today, I’ve decided to kick my butt galore, put my fears of you judging me and assume who I really am. Maybe when I was 17 years I thought I would cover more exciting stories than my own successes and failures, but hey, everyone says I should write a book with the stories of my weird but fantastic life. Ha! I warn you, most of my posts concerns my relationship failures, the inexistent love life of a 31 years old and the roller coster that it is to have a startup.

While all my friends are getting married, or even worst, having their SECOND child, here I am not fitting in. You are now invited and welcome to follow the ups and the downs of Corinne.

My name is Corinne.

I am a businesswoman

I am a team player

I am an entrepreneur


I am 30 years old (now 31 actually!)

I am a free spirit

I am a surfer

I am clumsy

I am not a real ginger


Everybody calls me Coco.

I am a cancer survivor.

I don’t make a sound when I laugh.

I can do 150 double unders in a row with a skipping rope

Laser Eye surgery is the best thing that have ever happened to me…

Ironically i love wearing fake glasses

My current goal is to do a proper handstand

I secretly love taking selfies (who doesn’t?)

I swear by my morning coffee: double machiatto extra foam

I like my coffee cold

A sunset can make everything better

I feel uncomfortable when i see a sunrise if I haven’t slept yet

I spent a day with Prince Charles

I won a dance competition against the singer Prince

I spent my last new year’s eve with Leonardo DiCaprio, Rhianna and Puff Daddy in St-Barth

15 min later, I was ironically ironing 250 items of clothes

I lived more than 3 months in 15 different countries

I have sent myself a package back home and received it 1 ½ year later, one day before Christmas

I am single (I had to plug it at some point!)

I have tried 6 different dating websites

I have met more than 50 men on those websites (“boys” is probably a more suitable word)

I have called the police 2 times following two of my dates

I felt in love with one of them, quitted my job, followed him to Nosara, Costa Rica, and got dumped on day 1.

I have been dumped three times in Nosara by three different men and made myself the promise I’d go back again… single!

I am a serious case of sleep walking: I usually take the time to dress up and have conversation at my coffee table with non existing people. I wake up because I talk too loud. No wonder why I am tired some days.

Each time I go to Vegas, I get an upgrade to a penthouse for different random reasons. Last one was because they thought I was Lindsay Lohan.

I am not afraid of heights nor water, but mix them together and i’ll cry for hours


Starting my business was and still is the most challenging thing that has ever happened to me

Being an entrepreneur is sexy when you say it, but it also brings its moments of loneliness, sadness and fear…

I don’t miss people much when I am away (selfish?)

I’d like to speak and write a better English ( I am French Canadian)

I’d love to be with an English speaking man

Welcome to my life.

Up Next — This is NOT a love story but the story of a girl who HAD to get her shit together.