An Everyday Love Letter: Canola Oil

Oh, generic grocery store brand canola oil!

The luminous gold liquid! The curvy-in-all-the-right-places plastique! The crowning white cap!

I swoon.

I remember the first time I saw you, in aisle number 7. I was on my way to the vinegar section- irrelevant, now- when I paused in front of your shelf. You caught my eye. Yes, I needed oil. Yes, you were the cheapest, and most reliable-looking option. But — my eyes open wide, gazing at you — $3.19!

These numbers will forever be printed on my big, beating heart. Right next to the grease stain I got on my shirt when I opened the safety seal on your bottle (do you remember that, my love?)

How was I alive, how was I awake, how was I cooking before you? Your non-flavor flavor, your nondescript viscosity. How you do the work, without insisting on the attention. How you taste like nothing and everything- no thing and every thing- all at once.

You are a mystery to me, and, generic grocery store brand canola oil, that makes knowing you an adventure. Where do you come from? How did you develop such a strong personal foundation, and high smoking point? And, well, what exactly is the composition of a “canola”?

Eating with you is a joy, and I can never turn back. Don’t ever leave me, generic grocery store brand canola oil. We are on this rollercoaster ride that they call “life”, together. And this rollercoaster will include a bunch of fried eggs and seared onions, so c’mon, help a sister out.

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