The Community app connects A-listers with their fans—an odd proposition in the era of Covid lockdowns

Illustration of boy sitting on his bed looking at his phone. A wall of posters featuring an American flag, celebrities, stars, and drinks are behind him.
Illustration: Isabel Seliger for OneZero

Gary Arnold in Elkton, MD on January 29, 2021. Photography by Mengwen Cao for OneZero

To defend science, the Paranormal Challenge devises experiments to test claims of X-ray vision, telekinesis, and other paranormal abilities

Agility Robotics created a robot that could walk up stairs and carry boxes. But the main complaint from customers? It didn’t have a face.

The robot Digit. Photo: Agility Robotics

Advice from crisis psychologists, intelligence analysts, chronic illness experts, and more

Photo: Westend61/Getty Images

Reusable eight-by-four-foot steel cylinders, packed with wood chips, straw, and alfalfa, present an eco-friendly alternative to traditional burial

Illustration: Kelsey Borch

The discovery of a chemical compound with antibiotic properties is a helpful case study in the potential — and limits — of using A.I. to develop new treatments

Photo of a researcher wearing gloves and safety gear pipetting into tubes.
Photo: boonchai wedmakawand/Getty Images

As hackers compromised world leaders’ Twitter accounts, researchers released a report on the risk tweets pose to international conflict

Photo: Leon Neal/Getty Images

They say that this experience will make us better people — but right now, I’m a mess

Photo: Maryna Andriichenko/Getty Images

Illustrations: Dominic Kesterton

An exhaustive 2,700-email analysis of donation requests, emojis, and dog pictures

The ‘news therapy’ app Sift thinks of itself as a gym, not a spa

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Journalist with words at Time, Quartz, and elsewhere. Author of Ghosts in the Forest, a Kindle Single.

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