With this toolkit available on Miro, you will prevent AI related ethical issues, such as biases, data dirtying by bringing humans at the center of the process. It will guide you in starting from the user’s needs rather than by a pre-existing model or dataset. The toolkit is also an instrument to share a language among the two teams of AI and design.

Whenever we start working on an AI project we must care about the ethical aspect. But why do we wait to develop the solution to fix ethical issues? Can’t we use a design approach to discover ethical risks and design to avoid such risks? Our perspective is that it is possible.

Machine ethics is concerned with ensuring that the behavior of machines toward human users, and perhaps other machines as well, is ethically acceptable. (Anderson and Anderson 2007: 15)

We wanted to create a…

How the design and AI teams collaborated in our AIDA project

When it comes to a sensitive domain, good accuracy is not enough. This is the reason beyond our AIDA project journey. As introduced in this article, AIDA is a research project born inside Tangity that aims at helping people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and their caregivers — such as parents, educators, therapists and so on — to communicate effectively.

This article describes our experience of a collaborative process among AI and design teams in researching for AIDA; in particular, it will focus on how we used qualitative research insights to design the AI dataset and model.


In 1945 Vannevar Bush, in a significant and pioneer article, As we may think, introduced the concept of “expanding human experience”, announcing the possibility of sharing scholarly knowledge through technology (memex device).

Nowadays, Artificial Intelligence is a hot topic in many field and context. One of the discussion points is about AI consequences and reliability. But what is left beyond is what, until today, AI systems are: computational systems. What we do with our conscious thinking is very different from anything that can be achieved computationally[1].

To use AI in a worthwhile way for humans, we have to create…

Corinne Schillizzi

I’m a User Experience Designer at Tangity. My interest lies at the intersection between human computer interaction and Artificial intelligence.

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