I realize that’s the original purpose of Lorem ipsum, however I don’t consider content and layout…
Kalina Ivanova

I agree that content and layout are not seperate entities. It’s precisely because of that that lorem ipsum is useful.

In a collaborative enviroment I can’t expect a writer to hand me a finished content and then step away. We work together. Writing, layout, and experience are aspects of production that a team needs to move back and fourth between. We need to collaborate rather than doing just our part, in isolation, and handing off.

  • Lorem ipsum can communicate physical constraints that a writer need to work within.
  • Lorem ipsum can suggest opportunities in marginalia, tooltips and footnotes.
  • Lorem ipsum can very quickly visualise changes in structure.

If you’re using Cyrillic or kanji then yes, lorem ipsum is the wrong tool. But an equivalent, in the appropriate writing system, is helpful tool for working with a writer.

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