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Philipp Markolin

Hi again,

You’ve written allot here and I think that what this boils down to is a slight misunderstanding about what my intentions and opinions are in this piece.

Firstly I am in no way saying that religion or culture (etc.) is a better means of finding objective truths than science. I never wrote that. You did. My point, which I repeated, was that we tend to undervalue emotional truths when we value scientific ones too much. By emotional truths I’m not talking about feeling that God is real or having ‘knowledge’ just by having an opinion, I’m talking about non-scientific knowledge of human emotion and behaviour, of the meaning or meaninglessness of life etc. That’s all I’m saying, I agree with you that science takes epistemological authority about the real world over the others! Even after all the emotional truths are said and done I’d also argue, likely you will agree, that they probably boil down to scientific ones in the end (but this doesn’t take away from their value as non-scientific truths).

Secondly, I’m not saying by any means that these are myths which are huge in the scientific community. I’m not trying to prove that they do exist in the scientific community because they don’t. Believe me I know they don’t, the vast majority of scientists know enough about the scientific method to know that it doesn’t bring total certainty but only an ever increasing approximation. Instead, I would say that these myths exist in the public where laymen may not quite understand some of the nuances, which I’ve only briefly begun discussing here so that people have a clearer idea. If you disagree with that then I think you may be overestimating certain circles of the public.

I’ve read over my piece and have made edits based on what you’ve said in order to better clarify that these myths are external to the community and don’t exist within it. I should have made this more clear and I can see why you’d be unhappy about me conflating this.

I think this resolves most of what you’ve said, you seem to not like how I make some arguments in this piece but I’m not sure whether that’s just because you don’t like my piece as a whole. If you do still feel that there are arguments that don’t work then please do let me know but, as I’ve said, please keep in mind that we may be agreeing more than you may think.