Conventional Language Unable to Comprehend Truth

The western world’s way of life is structured on conventional wisdom. Our languages, symbols, and notations are all linear. We piece the world together moment by moment and attempt to describe infinity with infinite letters.

This linearity leads to people introducing themselves in terms of roles. Our self is made of select events from our past. Events that can never be described in whole with linear language. However, fife doesn’t just occur in points, but can be better understood as a process where objects and actions aren’t separate.

God is not an idol to adore, but a processed lived in love and gratitude. Conventional wisdom separates us from the absolute because the english language cannot describe the absolute truth in static definitions. This leads us two choices: reject ourselves, or god. Most reject God as not real continue living lives of separation from truth and peace.

Schools have become machines of making students fit into society’s accepted codes. These definitions then mark the boundaries of our daily experiences. We soon learn to forget that life is a flow, not separate points. This distinction isolates the mind. When the mind is separated, opportunity for conflict arises.

But this all results from our language, our mode of describing the world. A quick change of perception of the use of language and the forms it takes can go a long way in reducing conflict and achieving human peace.

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