Having to travel for work sucks…

2017 Q2 Update

Can you believe it’s already been a full three months since my last update?Indeed, a great deal of time has flown by and things have been quite busy. While this past quarter I was not able to make quite as much progress as I would have liked against my goals for this year, I did accomplish many other things and have a handful of legitimate excuses I’ll share below.

Thank you again to all of you who check in with me and keep kicking my butt to accomplish big things this year!

Progress on 2017 Goals

Blog every day

Success! 180 days in, 180 posts. However, I regret to inform you that today’s post #181 will be my last daily post for the foreseeable future. Among other reasons, blogging daily started to conflict with other goals. This is not an easy choice to make, but it does you, me or any other readers no good for me to resent having to blog everyday. Without promising to post regularly, I wholeheartedly intend to continue writing much larger pieces like my study on representation in the United States. I want to put thoughtful, meaningful, and challenging content into the world. By giving up this goal, I stand a much better chance and win back a great deal of energy to do that.

If and when I return to blogging daily, I will do so at my old website.

Visit my seventh of seven continents

Everything is booked and the entire trip nearly paid for by all parties. We still need to lock in some travel insurance (we’re eager for suggestions) and buy a long list of warm clothes. With any luck, by next update I will have procured most of what I need to pack before things get expensive.

Read ten books

Seven books down, only three to go. It took me the full quarter to read all three books of the Lord of the Rings for my first time. I’m eager to read Unnaturally Delicious and Team of Rivals next, though I’m not sure which one to pick up first. Those two books combined will likely consume the entire next quarter. At this pace, I will likely exceed my goal of reading 10 books.

Keep alcohol consumption to no more than 6 drinks per week

After restraining myself by drinking an average 5.23 drinks per week this past quarter on only 33 days of the past 90 despite a bachelor party and several guests visiting me in Denver, I have finally caught up to my drinking accrual quota and am as of today no longer any drinks “in debt.” It’ll take a great deal of willpower to avoid partying too hard this holiday weekend with an event going on every single night for the next five nights in a row!

Assemble a show bible and write the pilot for a dramatic series

Here’s where life started falling apart. Whereas I invested 253 hours in Q1 into research for this show, I was only able to put 57 hours into it this quarter and as such have fallen nearly two months behind in my original research goals. While I did successfully get through researching and outlining the New Testament for allegorical adaptation, I still have all of the Old Testament, Jewish history, and Greek history to get through ideally before the first week of August (wish me luck!). I have a trip planned on August 19 to visit the town where my show will take place and need to be as prepared as possible on this show before then. Setbacks herein rank among the highest reasons why I will not continue to blog daily this year.

Finish a feature-length screenplay adaptation

Let’s be honest…I haven’t touched this. I think about it all the time, but cannot claim any progress has been made. In addition to the 75 hours spent in March “researching,” I spent another 76 hours in April continuing that “research.” In total, I spent 151 hours “researching,” hours that I am very glad to have back in my life and to be able to put to more constructive use.

Good Excuses

While I am not satisfied with progress against all of my goals, a few other obligations and distractions cropped up this quarter that are worth noting.

My day jobs demanded extra attention

Out of 13 weeks, I had to go to California 9 of them (compared to only 7 last update) and worked 30% more than I did in Q1. A particular stretch of 7 consecutive weeks of travel and dueling client projects derailed a great deal of momentum I had going for me at the beginning of April. But hey, gotta pay the bills! The nature of my work and services provided continues to evolve and I very much enjoy what I do, so it’s hard to complain.

Making my neighborhood a better place

At some point in February, I got involved with a group of people trying to make my neighborhood in downtown Denver a better place. After a great many meetings, focus groups, events, and due diligence, we resolved to try and pass a Business Improvement District for the Ballpark Neighborhood. I have since been doing my part to convince a share of the 192 commercial property owners in my neighborhood to sign a petition to pass the initiative. It’s proven a challenging and insightful grassroots process. I’ve spent 62 hours in June alone on this effort and we still have a long way to go.

Getting political

I’m not sure exactly where the inspiration, energy or compulsion came from, but I spent nearly 68 hours total in June researching, analyzing, and writing about flaws in modern American representation and their detriment to our democracy. I’ve dwelled on this subject for a few years now, feel very strongly about it, and am considering committing a great deal if not all of my personal attention to this effort in 2018.

My work so far has netted a six-part series on the subject that I highly encourage you to read along with a few followup posts. While I may have stopped blogging daily, I have a great deal more to explore and say about this subject and plan to continue to use Medium to write about it.

A combination of work, local grassroots politics, and the rabbit hole that became a search for greater democracy offset (almost to the exact hour as I’ve measured it in Toggl) the energy and time spent in Q1 researching and writing my television series. With blogging, “research” for the feature-length screenplay, and a bulk of my work on representation in America behind me, I hope to more than compensate for falling behind herein.

Until next quarter, I love you all dearly. Please continue to ask and bust my balls about my projects!