Clear a Path for Focus

Depending on the types of skills you embrace and exhibit often, we all regularly face large tasks that require dedicated focus for hours or days. Whether creative, technical, or administrative, these huge undertakings tend to demand every waking neuron in our brains. Attention, perhaps our most valuable resource, is fickle and easily led astray. Breaks in concentration make it that much harder to reengage and tackle the task at hand. What could take a few hours could end up taking twice or three times as long.

Therefore, it’s critical to pave the path for dedicated focus. Either wake up early and beat the day before distractions set in, do your best to conquer all possible distractions before sitting down for the long haul, or lock yourself away entirely. Clear out important email, silence your phone, close tempting browser tabs, alert any potential interlopers that you need space, have all necessary supplies or snacks at hand, take a deep breath, and get to work. Once we get into the zone, distractions have a harder time breaking through. Do everything you can beforehand to get into the zone and protect your stride. With any luck, that massive task will be done in no time.

[I needed to get this post out of the way before moving on to bigger tasks.]

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