Climate Change and the Political Map

Republican counties stand to lose the most.

I woke up to a particularly cheery article about projected economic losses as a result of rising temperatures. The article cites research that claims “each 1C of temperature rise is forecast to cost the US economy 1.2% in lost GDP, on average.” Simply put, climate change is going to hurt the economies of many places in a really nasty way perhaps on par with our great depressions.

The map below illustrates counties that stand to suffer the worst damage:

When I saw that map, the first thing that struck me was the divide between north and south. By all means, it makes sense that the northern latitudes would suffer less from warmth and even fair better than the south. But it pains me to see such a vivid geographical divide propagated again in this country. The last time our nation experienced such a clear longitudinal divide, it looked like this:

The Civil War (Wikipedia)

Divides of old also made me think about our current political map:

The counties that stand to suffer the worst are highlighted below:

The next tier of counties that stand to suffer are much more numerous:

A vast number of people living in these counties voted for and successfully elected a man who jettisoned the United States from the Paris agreement and who means to undermine every environmental regulation possible.

Someone should try to tell them that their shit is about to hit the fan.

Oh wait, plenty of scientists and reasonable humans already tried.

Maybe this time money will speak loudly enough for them to hear. 15–30% of GDP is not a trivial amount of money.