Invested in Investments

Those who know me well might say I have an obsessive personality. I like to know what’s going on lest it affect me, affect me down the road, or affect anyone I care about. Not in a nosy way per se, certainly not to the degree that I infringe on anyone’s privacy, ask anyone to spill secrets, or come close to coercing anyone to give up compromising information. No, I simply like to know what’s going on, prepare myself for the implications, and make sure everyone’s alright. I do it out of love and in return tend to be confided in.

I share all that to say that my personality herein tends to run counter to how one should invest themselves day to day in making longterm investments. An obsessive personality drives me to check my Roth IRA account on a regular basis, keep up with the stock market in general even when I have little invested, and check on my small bets in cryptocurrency often despite having next to zero control over their longterm outcomes.

So far, I have put a meager $300 into cryptocurrencies and yet still had a slightly more stressful weekend than anyone really should over such a trivial amount of money at stake when Ethereum took a nose dive:

Aside from buying and selling (and I have no interest in getting into the game of trading), there’s really nothing you can do. The best advice I’ve ever been given with investing is to fork over the cash and forget about it entirely. Indeed, what a paradox: you shouldn’t be invested in your investments.

And with that, I’m going to put investments out of mind for as long as my personality can take it. I encourage you to do the same…unless you plan to take up some measure of active trading. In which case, best of luck.