Play the Hand You’re Dealt

Unlike poker, life tends to only deal you one hand. You don’t get to pick your parents, your genetics, the place of your birth, your socioeconomics, or many of your early life experiences. In effect, we’re dealt cards we’re stuck with for life. We only get to play one hand. To fold is to quit entirely. And quitting entirely isn’t pretty.

So, unless you rid the world of yourself prematurely, you’re stuck playing the hand you’re dealt. Some people are so down on their hand from birth that they resign the game before they start. And that sucks. Why? Because, unlike poker, you have at least some power to influence the new cards you draw to improve your hand. If you care enough about playing the game and appreciate the hand you were dealt in the first place as an opportunity to play the game at all, you put yourself in a better place to value new cards drawn by way of new opportunities, seizing those opportunities, and dramatically improving your life. Investing fully in everything that you do, never giving up, engaging in the moment, loving others, and embracing new opportunities as they present themselves can all stack the deck in your favor.

No matter what hand you were dealt, play it. And play it as best you can.

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