Seeking Preliminary Approval

When in doubt about your course of action, solicit feedback.

Survey customers, consult other teammates, pulse the client’s interest, get more data from the market, approach the subject casually…whatever it takes to know you’re not wasting your energy by wandering in a completely wrong direction. I’ve seen companies risk an absurd amount of time, valuable creative energy, and resources on projects developed completely in a vacuum. Something as small as a pencil stroke from the client or the team responsible for delivering can instantly nullify all work done. Better to get feedback early and often than put all of your eggs in one basket for a later reveal. If you venture into a project not caring, ignoring or forgetting to ask what people think, than you must accept the consequences of rejection or failure if or when it comes around. But, please, do yourself and your team a favor by getting ahead on feedback. While your project failing would be pretty bad, the worst thing that could happen would be your team walking out on you for your negligence. Don’t burn your people. Don’t burn yourself. Your idea is not as bulletproof as you think it is. You’re not as clever as you think you are. Keep an open heart and mind to the input of others early on.