The Distance Between Weird and Normal is Shrinking

Thirty years ago, we would have looked at someone like a crazy person if he walked down the street with his hand to his ear seemingly talking to himself. Now, everyone has smart phones and largely sees their entire world through this lens. Homosexuality, while still so far from total acceptance, permeated mainstream culture and shocks the general public less and less every day. People with special interests have been able to find community online like never before and helped drive societal acknowledgement for the formerly niche and weird. Children put on virtual reality headsets and experience little sense of wonder compared to adults, for children already accept that, duh, of course virtual reality should be a thing. Pokémon Go may have primed a world blanketed in augmented reality and Tesla a world full of autonomous vehicles. We’ll get used to all of these things eventually.

In many ways, technology has accelerated the rate of change and forces us to adapt more quickly. With any luck, we shall start to see the dominoes of prejudice fall at a much greater rate in tandem. Imagine a time where three or four great breakthroughs come to light every day. Our tolerance for intolerance shall diminish as our surprise wanes under constant bombardment by the new and different. If you find yourself resisting change or the weird, you will get buried and likely fall behind. Embrace the weird. Embrace change, for change shall be the norm. Don’t let yourself get so worked up by things you do not understand.