Portfolio Research

Upon my research on portfolios, the ones that I have seen were very eye catching. They all were very neat and organized. The portfolios werent messy so that you could be able to find things quickly and easily. Some special interaction I’ve seen on these portfolios was that when I hovered over the title it kind of like focused on that area and every thing else got blurry so it kinda was supposed to make us know what we were looking at.


What interested me was that the portfolios that I’ve seen were very eye catching. They weren’t giving a boring vibe. You could tell that they put ion a lot of thought and time into how the portfolio would look. Some features I would like to try and use would be the focused thing so they would be reminded of what they were looking at. Also there was one that when you hovered over it, it kind of slide to the side and showed side contents of that thing.

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