1. It was in the first couple of weeks of school and my computer was not up to date with the other computers so I had to ask for someone to update it. So when my computer updated, I fell behind on the lessons. So I asked Mr. Tan if he could help me catch up and he helped me. I didn’t fully catch up so he suggested I come in early to get work done.
  2. It was actually during this quarter where I had trouble dealing with a difficult colleague. We were learning how to work on a project and he did not tell me what he wanted me to do. So I assumed that I would just tell him what I would do. So I told him I was gonna do the css file. 3 minuted later, he tells me that hes gonna work on the css file. So I messaged him on slack that I already did the css file, but he never respond. So I told him I did it. He still never respond. So I pushed it up. Then he told me he pushed his css file and I just got really irritated. So I just had my file deleted because I didn't want to deal with him already. We never solved how to communicate properly because we switched into our real groups but now I know that if I am asking for something, do not assume that someone heard you, have that person respond in some way.
  3. One obstacle that I faced during a project was that I wouldn't be able to work on it at home. I couldn't work on it at home because I had something wrong with my computer so I couldn't really do much on it. So what I did was stay on task in class because i knew I couldn't really waste time because that was all the time i had. I also made sure I had asked for help when I needed it because I didn't really have time to solve it on my own.
  4. I felt i didn't communicate in the same time in #2. So I used several ways to communicate with others that way I wouldn't have that problem again.
  • Give me an example of a time you made a process more efficient. How did you do it?
  • I made something more efficient when we were doing the json. Instead of typing everything, I copied and pasted my code. This saved me a lot of time and did not make my fingers hurt.
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