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  • Reflection blog about they whole year of the web dev.
    - What you expected out of the class initially, what you got out of the class in the end
    - How you feel about being a jr dev 
    - How you feel about code and programming in general now that you know how to code
    - What you plan to do outside of this class, will you continue coding? Build More Web Apps? Cyber? Game Dev? Web Designer? Data? Back End Dev? 
    - What advice would you give other students coming into the intro to web dev class?
  • What I expected to learn was to learn how to program stuff. I didn’t know exactly what I was expected to learn to learn, I just believed that it would help me. In return I learned hot to layout web pages and how to get animated or moving stuff on a page.
  • I feel that I have a step ahead of everybody since I took this course as a sophomore. I feel proud to have been able to do a year of learning with this group. I definitely will recommend this course.
  • I really like coding because there is so much this that you could do. However I do not like it because there are multiple answers to do things. I’m more of a one answer person.
  • I plan to still pursue my path of engineering. However I will use the skills that I have learned to get a step up in my engineering path. I will not go towards software engineering, but use the skills that I have learned in another field.
  • The advice I would give is to do their homework. This will help them because it can help them better understand what they are learning. Also to no procrastinate because everything needs a lot of time.
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