The 10/10/10 Method: Make Decisions Like Warren Buffett and Ray Dalio
Zat Rana

Science has proven its many times difficult for us to place ourselves realistically into a situation too far into the future because we don’t think of our future selves in the same light as we think of our current selves. We somehow feel it is somebody else, a different person by some extent. But to make the reality of any decision more tangible, there is a trick that you can use, and that is to imagine your current reality 10min / 10 months / 10 years past the decision we are contiplating currently.

How whould I feel right now if I made this decision 10min ago? How whould my life be different right now if I made it 10 months ago & and what whould be my reality be now in experience or results if I made that decision 10 years ago? Whould it have been woth it to invest the time and resources?

By asking these questions in both the positive (took the action) or negative (never did) one quickly steps out of your limited view we sometimes have of the consequences of our actions.

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