Why I Value Being On Time

How many times have you been late to a meeting?

Even if it was only 2 or 3 minutes?

How did you feel walking over to the person you’re meeting with?

A little stressed and anxious? If you felt a little anxious that means at least you owned up to the problem of being late. If you didn’t even realise you were late, well then we’ve got a problem.

You see, if you’re late once or twice you can get away with it. But each time you make the other person wait, the more resentment they will build up against you.

Being late on a frequent basis and not owning up to it is as good as telling someone “I don’t respect your time, I don’t respect you and I’m better than you”.

I believe that some people are late on purpose, to show their dominance or leadership. My question is, how is that being a good leader?

Getting to a meeting early is better for both parties. For one, you can relax a little before you walk into the meeting and you can get focused. Secondly, the other person will like and respect you more. They will feel valuable therefore more value will be created as a result of the meeting. All because you respect them and their time.

I know this is a deep topic but I’m very passionate about it. It’s basic manners like saying please and thank you or holding a door for a lady if you’re a man. Just own up to it.

Here are some pointers or hacks if you wish.

These pointers are not perfect, but it’s a good place to start. For one, I will probably change things up in a month or so.

1. Don’t book back to back meetings.

I always give myself time between meetings to reflect and compose myself for the next meeting.

I even write down a couple of key takeaways from the previous meeting and actions I need to do.

2. Get there 10 minutes early

If I have to go to a place of meeting such as a coffee shop or a client’s office I will make sure i get there by at least 10 minutes prior to the scheduled meeting time if not more. I then relax in my car and compose myself.

If 10 minutes is not enough and you’re afraid there might be traffic on the way there then just double your travel time and you should be safe.

3. Walk in 1 minute before the meeting.

It’s almost just as bad to walk in early than it is to walk in late. Respect the other person and walk in on time. There is nothing worse than getting there too early and the other person is rushed.

If you’re late, then just call or text the other person with enough notice. Apologise. It’s that easy. It shows they do matter and you do respect them.

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