The Caucasian Invasion Of Racial Justice Spaces
The DiDi Delgado

Your article caught my attention first and foremost because of the scary kids wearing safety pins. Since the last election, I have been wearing a safety pin and I also use it as an overlay for my Fb profile picture. The idea — I believe — initially came from England and was directed against the rising xenophobia in Europe after Brexit. If you asked me about my identity, I would answer in the following order: German/European/German-American/woman/white/old. For me, the safety pin is a symbol of safety. It’s directed against the pretension of supremacy. Against any supremacy, period. When you grew up in the country that perpetrated the Holocaust, you cannot escape the haunting question “What would I have done?” And I am asking that myself now. Would I put my body on the line? Would I be physically able to protect you? Probably not. Can I raise awareness of mankind’s possibly evolution-induced animal craving for supremacy? Can I fight for humanity’s humaneness with words and symbols? I am trying. Your “rant” was very well-written and helped me to understand a lot more about the particularly American fight against privilege and for equality. Thank you!