The weight and impact of branding or re-branding can be overlooked, simplified or misunderstood. The absence of direct, measurable ROI can delegate brand projects in the c-suite to an inconvenience that they just want ticked-off — and fast.

Branding or a rebrand is not vanity and offers more than new paint. It positions and reduces friction by clarifying a brand’s purpose which eventually aides unlocking growth opportunities. This article aims to give answers to the questions: ‘What is a rebrand?’ and ‘Do we need a rebrand?’

Last month I wrapped up the rebrand for London-based AI startup, Datasine. Today I sit down with Datasine’s Content Editor, Caitlin Stanway-Williams to discuss the project and and to share learnings.

Cornel Lazar (
Cornel Lazar (
Cornel Lazar (

In this article I discuss the corporate rebrand I led for Datasine. I share insights and learnings of what brands must ask before deciding on a rebrand. (This is the second of two parts. Read the first here)

More often than not one of the first things I’m told when entering an organisation is: “We want to rebrand”.

Startups in particular like to rebrand — it’s cool. …

Experiments with our AI marketing tool, Connect, show how artificial intelligence can choose successful creative images for your Facebook ads.

Every year marketing teams spend billions on Facebook ads — before even mentioning the cost of marketers’ time, sweat… and sometimes tears — yet the average CTR hovers at a stubborn 0.9%. The reality is that the vast, vast, majority of ads are scrolled right past.

What most Facebook ads are missing is consistently engaging content. The modern marketer has access to huge datasets on their target audience, yet they tend to overlook how to effectively utilise the data to build comms that their audience will love. …


Cornel Lazar

Marketing Director & Consultant

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