Why Daily Plinth?

Make no mistake, the art business is changing radically, but the art world doesn’t change quickly nor easily. We’re here to help, in our own little way. It has been our career-long passion to support and, as Jerry Saltz says, touch antenna with, others in our wonderful, bizarre art world tribe. We like businesses — as I have mentioned before — that are concrete, useful tools for helping the art world work together and do its thing better.

As passionate and excited as we are about Daily Plinth, we also feel very strongly that it is important to build our new business in the model of what we believe a business in support of the art world should be. We are putting our hard work and money where our mouths are. As my mother used to say, Make yourself useful, as well as ornamental.

Daily Plinth is not going to make us billionaires. We’re not trying to disrupt anything, or revolutionize anything. We’re not re-inventing the wheel here. It’s not rocket science. We’re not the uber of anything, nor anyone’s pandora. We are not particularly interested in your data. And we are definitely not going to spend a hundred million dollars of other people’s money chasing some ill-defined, purportedly world-changing notion. Daily Plinth is a zebra, not a unicorn.

In 1995, when I launched one of the first online art galleries, I wasn’t trying to disrupt anything — I was just trying to share and sell the work of artists that I loved. Twenty-plus years later and still no one in the art world seems to have really quite figured that one out, despite spending hundreds of millions of dollars chasing it. However, what I missed 20 years ago, was right there all along in McLuhan’s old saw: the medium is the message.

Daily Plinth is simple, unique, and fills a specific need. In that way, it is brilliant. You’ll love it. You might even visit it every day. Not because it is from us, but because it is for all of you.

Cornell, Co-founder, Daily Plinth