The 7 Steps to Stepping Out On Faith

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It is a challenge to move into the unknown, whether it’s going for a new job, moving to a new city, dating a new person. There’s always this thought in the back of your head, what if…? In my many years of entrepreneurship, stepping out on faith has become a way of life. I know my faith-walkers know what I mean. At some point, you get used to taking a risk and challenging the status quo. However, it never gets easy. You learn methods and practices that help you in your process. And that’s what I want to share with you, my 7 Steps to Stepping Out On Faith. This game plan has helped me in the past and continues to do so today.


Belief in yourself is paramount regardless of your career, your socioeconomic status, or your race. If you don’t believe in what you have to offer the world or your community, even your family. You will sell yourself short from the beginning. Believe you’ve got what it takes. And if you’re insecure about any area, do the work to get yourself to a place of assurance. It will ensure that when you step out, you do so confidently.


Risk-taking is frightening, but there’s a way to make it a little less nerve-wracking. I heard someone say, “you must walk away from good to get to great.” Sometimes we have to consider what we must leave behind to realize our dreams. And for many, that may be risky. Will they still like me? Will I be accepted where I’m going? Will I be successful in this venture? All of these questions that you’ll never be able to answer. Whether you step out or not. Belief in yourself becomes crucial at this point. Because if you don’t believe in yourself, the risk will seem more significant than the dream. An excellent way to consider the risk is to weigh the pros and cons of your goal. And if the advantages out way the disadvantages, leap. If the cons out way the pros reconsider the dream, your passion for it, and your willingness to realize it. If your love for what your seeking is burning bright and your will is there, take the leap anyway. Even if it doesn’t work out, you’ll be glad you took a chance and better because of it.


Have you ever been on a budget? Maybe you’ve allotted so much money for your monthly groceries. Before going to the store, it helps to plan out precisely what it is you want to purchase. It may even be helpful to get a local sales paper to see what’s on sale that week. How does this relate to stepping out on faith? It’s planning. Plaining helps you when things are lean, and you need to conserve your energy and your resources. Plan things out. It’ll make you feel a little more comfortable about the decision you’re making.


No matter the destination, it’s always good to have an alternate route. Which makes the Waves application many use such a necessary tool. It tells you which way to go and offers detours when the planned route is closed or congested. You must take the Waves approach in your path to success. Things may go as planned. However, if they don’t, you must find alternate ways. When you don’t plan for detours, you lose your footing and leave room for distraction and, ultimately, derailment.


Without a vision, you will perish. Having a vision is just as important as believing in yourself. Vision gives you clarity, foresight, and courage. I realize not everyone is a visionary. One who can see the bigger picture in any circumstance. A visionary is usually a big dreamer and can extract the beauty out of anything. However, that doesn’t mean one who is not a visionary cannot have a vision. It’s as simple as sitting down and spelling out what it is that you want. In life. In relationship. In business. Whatever it is. Have a clear vision as to what you want. If you can’t define that, don’t take a step. Sit down and figure things out. Once you’ve done that, revisit the other areas of the 7 Steps to Stepping Out On Faith and take the first step.


Sometimes we get in our way. Thinking we can handle it all. Assuming we don’t need anyone else’s help. Or worse being too afraid to trust anyone to help us. Let me tell you when you have a dream most times it’s bigger than you. With that said, it’s going to take the effort of you and several others to make that dream a reality. I don’t care how simple you think it is. I’ll go even further to say if your vision only includes you and only takes you to bring it to life, you should probably go back and reconsider.


Nobody likes to be anywhere that is unenjoyable. The same is true for one’s road to success. If you’re on the way to success and it’s miserable, and every task is daunting to you, then you will have no drive to want to continue. However, if you take time to smell the roses and take in the view, you will be more excited not only about the destination but the journey to getting there. When we take time to enjoy the journey, we ultimately strengthen our bodies and renew our minds as we take in all the beauty the journey brings.

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