Home is Not Where Your Heart is

The world as you know it is not all there is. There is a God. A God who made you and loves you and made everything else, and He said that everything He made was good. At least that’s what the Bible says.

But when you look around, this is not the case. Everything is not good. Life is hard. People hurt each other all the time. Relationships are strained. Did God lie?

Somewhere inside you, you feel and you know things could be better. Your heart longs for a better world and you are drawn to people and philosophies that promise utopia. But what assurance do you have that things will actually get better? Isn’t this miserable life all there is?

Well, the Bible also says that this is not all there is. The pain. The heartache. The injustice… These are abnormalities in creation. They are "not good". The Bible says the earth is the way it is because people decided to rebel against God’s good plan and will. But despite this rebellion, God is making it good again. In fact, He has already done it.

By sending His Son, Jesus, to die on a Roman cross for the sins of the world, God revealed to us what He had always planned: the eradication of evil from this world and the raising of worshippers from the same world.

Jesus is not just a nice guy with nice maxims that will make us nice and our lives nicer. No. Jesus is at the root of a radical process of redemption. Through His life, death and resurrection, Jesus launched the invasion of heaven on earth. God is making all things new.

And that may include you.

God is asking you to be part of this new plan, this new world, the new earth. He is asking you to turn away from your futile plans. Release your grip on your life and surrender yourself to Him. God is asking you to acknowledge that, being a sinner, you have been a rebel to His grand plan all your life. In fact, you were born that way.

But you don’t have to die that way. God has provided a way. Home is not where your heart is. Home is where God’s heart is.

The death of Jesus was the death of God’s grudges against your rebellion. The death of Jesus was the extension of God’s hand of forgiveness and an invitation into this new home He is making, this new earth that He has already made in Christ — an earth in which there will be no tears, no pain, no suffering. An earth in which death will be a myth and life will be the sole reality.

Do you want to be part of this new earth? New plan? New life? Jesus is the way to this earth, believe turn to Him. Jesus is the truth about this new earth, believe and turn away from your sins. Jesus is the life of this new earth, believe and live in Him.

For the fame of His name.