Like Kanye

my girl left me

said she need somebody like Kanye

that shit kinda hurt me at first but i’m the worst

he’s great

and that’s the truth i face

accepting fate

how many niggas could

drop out, register late and still graduate

now I’m dealing with heartbreak

out here driving to 808s

trying to clear my mind

3am on the interstate

I pulled over

coldest winter made me cry on the road

I was going through it that night

felt every line in my soul

releasing demons inside

that i’m just too tired to hold

maybe i needed this pain

to get my mind off these hoes

that man went from admiring Hov

to rhyming with Hov

subsequently inspiring so

many guys that I know

and the fact that we both grew up

the same time in the ‘Go

on the same side of the ‘Go

got me dying to blow

and got people dying to know

why him not me

why i aint in privates

flying to hawaii to flow

we all self-conscious

he was the first to admit it

but he looked past his doubts

and he went to work his vision

I was trying to make other people happy

who didn’t get it

and they still don’t get it to this day

that’s why I’m sitting here today

but I’ve been sent here to say

where there’s a will there’s a way

having dinner in LA

thinking hey…

I made it out of the chi without ever going to jail

I met Kanye West I’m never going to…

match the level of success that that man attained is his life

and that shit be wracking my brain

and be keeping me up at night

she knew that was a soft spot in my life

so that’s why she stuck a knife

in that motherfucker and turned it

fuck it, guess I deserved it

hard lesson I learned it

you want success

best to earn it

that set me up for resurgence

nobody’s perfect

he put the culture on his back

cuz that’s the price you pay

and niggas out here talking ‘bout they don’t like Kanye

mental health breakdown — now they spite Kanye

but I’ll be back on top soon,

just like Kanye