Willa was clapping along to the beat on her mommy’s shoulders while the drumline played a cadence. All images taken by Cornell Watson for Momentum at Medium.

File This Under: Black Joy

This past weekend, I emptied out my camera bag and made space for diapers, wipes, and a few face masks. After a year-plus of quarantining, I strapped my three-year-old daughter into the car seat, and we headed out to our first post-Covid public gathering, a Juneteenth celebration. We decided to celebrate the first federally recognized Juneteenth in the historic Hayti community of Durham, North Carolina. Hayti was a flourishing community of businesses, churches, and schools built by freed Black people after the Civil War. In the 1960s and later, urban renewal destroyed 4,000 homes and 500 businesses in the neighborhood…

Cornell Watson

Dope Ass Black photographer documenting life…or art…sometimes it’s hard to tell. Alexia Grant 2020 recipient 📸 in WaPo and NYT’s

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