Agile Development — if you’re a developer worth your salt then you’ll know what it is. However, if you’re not, and need a really, really basic, child-like explanation (like I did), then you’re in the right place.

Firstly, Agile is a methodology, not a technology — it’s a method to create and deploy a digital product from software development tools.

Software development methodologies have been around for 70+ years. There have been many, but to understand Agile, you’ll need a rudimentary understanding of what it replaced, and why it replaced it. …

Software Development Outsourcing comes in many guises and various options. From large scale governmental programs to tweaking additional features for an existing mobile application.

For the sake of relevance, this article focuses on mid-sized organizations — who perhaps employ up to 10 in-house developers — toying with the idea of extending capacity through outsourcing.


The key reason you would consider outsourcing is cost. Not just direct costs, but in-direct and opportunity costs need to be factored in.

Direct Cost Savings

The easiest thing to compare is direct costs. For a CTO this will include

  1. Wages / Resource
  2. Tools required to perform the job

A successful product can literally redefine the course of the business. Product manager very often is the difference between success and failure.

Talking to a large number of people with different backgrounds can make one realize that there is still a lot of confusion around product manager function. It often gets mixed with the product owner or project manager. And in most organizations, the responsibilities overlap in more ways than any other roles. Let’s revisit all 3 roles to see the different purposes each role serves.

Marty Cagan wrote a brilliant book “Inspired: How To Create Products Customers Love”. It explains product managers role from many different angles.

Product managers have two major functions — build a great team and be responsible…

When Begimai joined the CCT team last autumn, we must admit being a little apprehensive. No doubt she had performed well on the video call and fitted our job description for a junior software developer exactly. But there was the unspoken cultural aspect. Would she feel comfortable as the only Kyrgyz person on board? Would she adopt to our work environment, our food? And, although we use English all the time as an international language, would she feel out of place with our Lithuanian small talk?

Begimai, too, had braced herself for a culture shock. …

Corner Case Technologies is a digital product development company, specializing in building modern, intuitive cloud-ready applications and systems, using both proven and cutting-edge technologies. The company develops projects of all sizes from PoC and MVP to globally scalable Enterprise Solutions. Our flexible approach allows us to work with our clients according to their needs, and deliver complete projects. We also have the capacity to take the lead on product ownership from concept to implementation.

Why do we love Python and Javascript?

The technologies we have chosen to work with since the very beginning give us both the flexibility and competitive advantage in the market. We mainly build…

The Lithuanian government has been one of the first countries in Europe to respond to Covid-19, immediately after the first cases appeared. A partial shutdown of businesses, except for grocery stores and pharmacies, started on March 16th and after 2 weeks, the quarantine was extended till at least 13th of April. The majority of businesses complied with the government’s effort in protecting its citizens as the health of the people is always the top priority, not an exception to our company.

Notice in advance would make this period easier for many organizations, although sadly it is impossible to foresee such…

The stellar quality and expertise of our technology is one of our most valuable assets at Corner Case Technologies (CCT), second only to its robust teamwork. Of course, creating the right blend of people with the right skills to write solid, beautiful code and consistently deliver results on time does not happen overnight.

One of the people most qualified to comment on the dynamics of this working environment is our global CTO, Gediminas Ubartas. Gediminas is a Co-Founder of Corner Case Technologies and heads our Agile Delivery team of 25, consisting of Project Managers, Engineers, UX/UI Designers, Testers and Developers.

26 January 2019

At Corner Case we have launched a number of marketplace platforms / shared economy solutions across a variety of industries; from fintech, to agriculture, construction to domestic cleaning services.

Whilst basic product marketplaces could be served by a pre-made SaaS platform, a unique idea with a specific value proposition — i.e. solving a specific user problem — owning the design and user experience may be your only real option to get your MVP off the ground.

Being a small team of Product Managers, Designers and Developers, means we can work in unison to create an MVP…

14th January 2020

This small, affluent Baltic state is making some big waves in the Software Development Services sector. As one of the most successful ex-Soviet bloc countries — and one of the most economically sound EU states, Lithuania has become a hotbed for advanced software development talent.

Companies from the UK, France, Germany and US use Lithuania for advanced IT skill sets — particularly in the Fintech, Gaming and Cybersecurity sectors. Whilst industries outsource to India, China, Vietnam for commodity resource, they choose Lithuania for quality.

Large established companies have already flocked to Lithuania in the last 5…

The End of Python 2x

Welcome to 2020! With this new decade comes an end of support for Python 2x.

In 2015 announced that as of the 1st of January 2020 they will sunset Python 2. Just a few weeks ago the Python Software Foundation announced the last major release 2.7 to be released April 2020.

This means after April 2020 no improvements will be released for Python 2.7, but more importantly, no security updates or patches will be available. If your software has a problem, you will have to upgrade to version 3.

Python 2 is now 20 years old, whereas Python…

Corner Case Technologies

We specialise in building modern, intuitive cloud-ready applications and systems.

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