Most Effective Employee Engagement Ideas For Reducing Employee Turnover

One of the major challenges faced by managerial level executives working in various business organizations in India is that of a high employee turnover rate. Most managers feel that the employees don’t really care and are really not engaged in what the tasks and responsibilities they are handling. This naturally affects their productivity besides hindering the growth objectives of the business quite significantly. While this might seem to be a depressing situation for the core management, the professionals offering people management consulting India think otherwise. They feel that since the managers are already aware of the core problem area, namely lack of employee engagement, finding a viable solution for the same in not that difficult.

Establishing Measurable KPI’s

The managers should establish measurable, realistic and time-bound KPI’s for the employees to motivate them and enhance their engagement level. The KPIs help in clearly defining the roles and responsibilities of the employees, in accordance with their specific skills. In addition, the employees gain a better understanding of the significant part they play in the fulfilment of business objectives. This helps in developing a sense of belonging amongst the employees and naturally improves their level of engagement with the organization.

Linking Performance With Monetary Benefits

The promise of getting monetary benefits is often the biggest motivating factor for increased employee engagement. This is true for all levels of employees and across different departments. However, it is not essential for the managers to provide too high monetary benefits for enhanced employee performance and engagement. Rather they can start with a minimal offer to motivate the employees and make them feel important for the organization.

Communicating Personally With Employees

Establishing a personal line of communication with the employees is one of the most effective methods of enhancing employee engagement. According to the experts from employee engagement consultant firms, the simple act of managers interacting with the employees on a personal level can go a long way in motivating them. Asking after the welfare of their loved ones even once a week by their managers, boosts the sense of belonging amongst the employees. While the managers do not need to engage in a friendly chatter every time they come across an employee, simply wishing them well and acknowledging their presence with a smile or even a nod is enough.

Minimize The Critical Feedback

While it is important for the managers to provide an honest feedback to the employees, they should find ways to deliver negative feedback in the least depressing manner. The managers can try having a one to one meeting with the employees, where they focus more on their achievements while also enlightening them about the need to show improvement in areas where they might be lagging. They can also email the performance report directly to the employees to keep it discreet and minimize employee embarrassment amongst their peers.

Help With Employee Skill Development

Many times employees seek to enhance their skill set through training or even online learning. By helping such members of the workforce through provision of the most suitable options and maximum support, managers can ensure better employee engagement. Such actions assure the employees about the interest of the managers in enhancing their professional growth. Moreover, providing the requisite help and support to the employees for gaining the desired skills can prove beneficial for the organization in the long run.

Seeking Employee Inputs And Suggestions

One of the best solutions for increasing employee engagement is by seeking their inputs and feedback about various policy decisions. When the employees become a part of decision making process they naturally develop a sense of belonging and loyalty towards the company. This also enhances the satisfaction level of the employees and minimizes their urge to seek job options where they might feel more at home.