How to claim your ANON with Magnum Wallet

ANON is a just-launched fork of two widely-used cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin and ZClassic. According to the devs, ANON takes an advancement of the technology of both blockchains and provides anonymity to its users. All the BTC and ZCL holders might get the airdrop at a ratio of 1:1 and 2:1, respectively. The date of snapshot is 9/10/2018.

Here is, a clear step by step guide how to claim ANON using Magnum Wallet

To get started, go on an official web site:

On the very first page press the IMPORT OR RESTORE button. And in the opened window you need to:

1. Choose the currency: BTC or ZCL

2. Enter your private key

3. Enter your password

4. Press IMPORT

5. Press Claim Airdrop on Anonymous wallet in the dashboard and follow the instructions

Promptly your new Magnum Wallet will open ready to use. That’s it!