I recently listened to an episode of Joe Rogan where Nick Bostrom tried to explain the concept of simulation theory. Although the progenitor of the concept tried multiple times, it seemed as though there was some roadblock to understanding, so I’d like to give it a shot. The best method would be to do it through the Socratic method, where questions are asked to allow the other participants to reach the conclusion desired themselves. That’s kinda hard through text, so I’ll just discuss the path I see as required to understand the statement below.

This short article is an attempt to explain what the following sentence…

If you’ve been around the cryptocurrency community for long, then you’ve definitely heard people preach sayings such as, “Always remember to control your private keys.” Maybe it was through a commonly said aphorism:

Your keys, your crypto; Not your keys, not your crypto.

But what does it actually mean? If you don’t understand public-private key cryptography, then those sayings offer no explanation or insight to one of the most important features of this technology: controlling the access to your value. …

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I hear people throw shade at idea of Proof of Stake (PoS) protocols quite often. I think that most of these comments are founded in false assumptions, which inevitably lead them to false conclusions. That’s a deep amount of work, which requires some groundwork first. …


Corey Petty

Host of The Bitcoin Podcast, Hashing It Out and BlockChannel, Security at Status.im, former Booz, PhD in computational physical chemistry.

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