My Morning Walk

by Doug McCranie

When I wake up in the morning, I start my day with a cup of coffee, a pen, and my journal. I think clearly. I am creative. I know each morning between the hours of 6am and 11am, I will be more productive than any other time of the day. I don’t have the distractions and disruptions that occur later on in the day. Plus, I am just flat out sharper after a good night’s sleep.

I talk to God about what is going on in my personal life and business life, and try to gain his perspective on what is going on. I wonder what my day would look like if I never moved past dumping my heart out. What if I left it as feeling overwhelmed, insecure and scared? What if I never asked for his advice or direction? I am pretty sure my day would not go anywhere. Sure, for the moment, it feels good to get some of my personal and business challenges off my chest, but it doesn’t really solve anything if that is where it ends.

This morning I wrote about my business. I was writing about my competition who had been in the space for a long time and how I was feeling intimidated by the initials that preceded their names. I questioned if I even belonged in this industry, as I am way behind when it comes to experience in the event planning space.

I was reminded of a past event that I spearheaded for a Furniture Company that I lead. I had the top designers and influencers in Atlanta attending the event. I was also reminded that less than a year ago, I had never been a part of a furniture company, and here I was leading one down a path that I was not sure if it was going to be successful. This event gave us the one opportunity to make an impression with clients that we once thought were way out of our league. I thought about the time crunch just before the event and how I just had to walk out of the room and let my team work. I was overwhelmed, insecure, and scared. There was so much to do, and I didn’t see how it could be possible to have everything complete before the doors opened and the guests arrived. Fortunately, I had an amazing team around me that made my original vision for the evening, a reality.

God took me down this road to show me that I have the gift of taking an idea that has been around forever, like the furniture business, and making it connect to people today in a fresh perspective in which people can relate. I was able to take that experience and see how it directly translated to the industry that I am currently entering. I don’t have the experience, but I have the perspective. Just like in the past, I can surround myself with experience, and align our team to the fresh perspective. The last words that I wrote in my journal this morning were,“if I lose my perspective and get caught up in the business, I will fail.”

My mornings that start out with fears and struggles do not always have this clear of a path to overcoming such obstacles. In fact, many times by the end of my morning walk, all I have is a name of someone that I need to bounce it off of. It pushes me to be in relationships with others and discover the actual truth that is not skewed by my own fears and insecurities.