Expansion of Mangosteen’s Service

As mentioned in the previous article, the service that Mangostin first starts is ‘Prediction’.

The initial model is simply a structure in which users participate in the forecast ticket opened by BJ, and rewards users who have succeeded in forecasting. Here, the forecast tickets will be predictions of the game’s win and loss, the number of monster kills, and the small events in the game.

Expanding the prediction’s area can lead to more diverse service features.

  • Prediction with friends
    - Play with friends online game bet wins
    - All competitions in daily life
  • Social Casino
    - Expansion of prediction concepts — A prediction that users will win
    - Fun game to enjoy in return for prediction success
  • Quiz show
    - Competition for predicting correct answers among participants
    - Winner takes all

1> Prediction with friends

Almost everyone is arguing with others about a particular subject several times a day. It’s a debate about who’s right.

The final conclusion of the argument is that Tom is wrong, and Mary is right. During the argument, we often bet on who is finally right.

Mangosteen will put this moment on the platform that everyone experiences.

With the tokens and coupons of Mangosteen, which everyone can easily get, betting and competition among friends will become more interesting.

<It also has the effect of preventing a good relationship due to monetary betting. :)>

In addition, there will be an effect to prevent instances where a bet is not made in the record because the bet was made verbally, and the bet is not made afterwards. <In general, only the winner remembers to bet. The loser distorts his memory through self-hypnosis. :)>

Send a ticket to a friend with a message, and if the friend is OK, a prediction competition is established. Depending on the end result, the token of the mangosteen your friend hung on becomes the winner’s own.

It’s a simple flow, but the subject categories covered by prediction are endless. The liquidity of the mangosteen tokens will create a new social graph that has never been seen before.

2> Social Casino

Social casino games are also a field of prediction.

The free tokens obtained in various ways will be used to play social casinos. In addition to simply consuming the tokens in-game, the player may be able to get more tokens that he did not expect.

Current social casino games have no way of using the points you get in the game elsewhere, except spending them in the game. Users have given time and effort, but there is no special benefit to return to the user besides enjoying the game.

The tokens you get from Mangosteen-provided or affiliated social casino games can be used within the various prediction services provided by Mangosteen’s platform. Also, it will be possible to trade between users like a typical block chain token.

3> Quiz Show

Think that BJ is doing a quiz show for hundreds of thousands of people watching his broadcast.

If there is no benefit for the final winner of the quiz show, the users will not try hard to get the correct answer. However, if the final winner takes all the participants’ participation fee, the concentration and participation of BJ’s streaming will be significantly increased.

Guessing the correct answer to the question is also an area of prediction.

The Mangosteen platform also provides this quiz show format. We will provide a variety of tools for live streaming that can be more fun and direct interaction.

Does it look like a far story yet? Soon you will be able to meet the wonderful prediction platform provided by Mangosteen.