Mental Health and Nutrition

March is Nutrition month! A time of year where we can reflect on what we put in our mouths, and re-consider the purpose and impacts of the food we eat and how it affects our body. For nutrition month, we have rounded up some of our favourite posts on nutrition and the mental health benefits, and some tips to eat well at work!

  1. Healthy Eating for a Healthy Brain — The Food Coach has shared with us many food tips on how to boost concentration and energy to stay productive and mentally healthy at work!
Click on the picture to read about what to eat to improve your workplace productivity! Thanks to the Food Coach!

2. Soda pop and its impact’s on your Mental Health. Re-think your lunch-time drink after reading this post!

3. Healthy lunch ideas and tips for you to try at work! From what we have learned, a little preparation goes a long way!

Click on the image to read Hardeep’s strategies for packing healthy lunches and great meal ideas for Feasts with Sophie! Photo credit: image source: and

To learn more about the role of nutrition on mental health, check out this great resource from Dietitians of Canada which elaborates on the benefits of nutrition on mental health, and their quests to support mental health through nutrition in our communities.

Try a new strategy to be mindful of your nutrition this month! Have any other great tips/strategies? We would love to hear from you!

Happy Nutrition Month!