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7 min readJul 21, 2020

(By Suneel Pervez)


We are building Zin, a futuristic DeFi (decentralized finance) tech platform, combining traditional investments with crypto, with an extremely intuitive and simplified user experience to grow wealth. Built on the Ethereum blockchain, coded in Solidity (Ethereum’s smart contract language), the Zin ERC20 token will be the backbone of our value system. It will be 100% deflationary with the burn of all Zin tokens until the full supply is burned.


I began my journey as an investor early in 2010.Since my primary area of interest and subsequent reading was focused on technology — mainly due to my education and previous work — most of my investments, naturally, were in tech-stocks. During the first decade of this millennia, I observed a couple of very obvious trends:

1. Firstly there were clear signs that ‘tech’ was no more confined to the “IT Department” of organizations but was fast becoming the very axis on which organisations based their business. Whether you were in B2B or B2C companies, software and then digital was consistently at the forefront of running the business. This could only mean one thing, software was here to stay and how!

This was the reverberating signal that caught my attention: Invest in reliable software companies. For instance Microsoft grew from $28 to $207 (almost 10 times in 10 years). Others like Netflix, Amazon and Facebook, grew with a much faster pace with Netflix growing 39 times in 10 years.

2. Companies that were ridiculed for being a convenient side hustle for MIT’s dormitory wiz kids grew drastically bigger, towering well above those who under estimated their potential. Just 10 years ago working for Facebook, Twitter or even Amazon was considered a non-serious, unreliable job. Parents advised their freshly graduated children to steer clear of them and instead join a well grounded bank, FMCG or even a dependable energy company at the earliest available opportunity. Similarly governments and big corps too ignored Twitter and Facebook viewing it solely as a fun place with seriously compromised longevity, a place for those who did not fathom the intricacies of John Maynard Keynes’ ‘real economy’.

Then the unimaginable change happened: the memes devoured the serious presenters. As an investor, my signal became clearer than ever: ‘Getting organic growth i.e. users on a platform is an extremely challenging proposition. Companies who managed this Herculean task with such enviable ease were in reality serious businesses such as Google, Facebook (and now Twitter). Invest in these.’

As I consistently followed this train of reasoning, within 9 years I was no more reliant on a salary. And herein lies power of compounding which most people do not realize. My parents for instance were elated that their house price went up by 4.5 times since 1986 until I told them that the S&P 500 index had gone up by 12.8 times. What is crucial to note here however is that I am only talking about a general index, meticulously picking the right stocks can boost this growth much faster than the S&P 500. Unfortunately this is the problem that many of us find ourselves faced with. We either let cash sit in our accounts, silently depleting in value over time (see below chart: How gold, a nothing asset, kept going up against Cash) or at maximum, we do the laziest investment which is that of buying real estate (as in my parents’ case).

4.5 times vs 12.8 times growth may not look bigger to us when investing just 10 dollars, but imagine investing 100,000 dollars? And that gap keeps increasing wider and wider over our lifetime. This is the difference between retiring at 70 or 50.

Then Comes Bitcoin:

Bitcoin was invented in 2009. I got to know about it in 2013 (I thought I was very late). I was skeptical and thought of it as a scam but I kept reading about it. Then it kept coming back, down to nothing and then back up to new highs. Mt. Gox hack collapsed it to almost 0 but in 2 years, bitcoin was back up crossing its previous highs. I also read in detail (i mean lots of books) on other financial scams such as the Tulip Mania, the Mississippi company and the South Sea Bubble (in which even Sir Isaac Newton got scammed, so we must not laugh at those sending money to Nigerian princes). All these scams, once busted, never went back up. And in those days, when communication took months to travel, they unraveled within a year. Bitcoin beat both these conditions. It kept coming back and it has been going on since 10 years despite being open source i.e. audited by 1000s of devs at any time, open to the best hackers of the world to hack. Imagine, the speed of communication today will take bitcoin to zero in 1 minute if a hacker breaks the blockchain (well, they cannot because you have got more chances of winning the Euro Million lottery a 100 times than all the world’s computer breaking Bitcoin’s SHA256 encryption). Bitcoin’s hashrate, wallet growth and difficulty are all healthily going up today and are extremely stable KPIs.

We are making Zin:

However the creation of bitcoin changed the scenario completely making it evident to me that crypto is the future for growth. Keeping the above mentioned case in mind I thought of giving something back to the people. I tried to find out why people are scared of investments and some of the reasons that raised their heads were:

  1. ‘Invisibility of investments’- what is happening with them, I don’t know.
  2. Reading too much into misleading news headlines instead of reading books with the correct information.
  3. Don’t know how to manage the technicalities and overwhelmed by the extensive paperwork.

​​With Zin, therefore, we are trying to solve not only the above mentioned problems but also ease various other similar issues that act as blockers. Unlike crypto exchanges we don’t want flash traders on our platform instead we look forward to welcoming the average mum and dad, the young parents and passive investors who want to build long term value with genuine, stable and growing stocks as well as crypto. This will be our prime focus and foremost reason towards building any feature for the platform.

The Zin platform is scheduled to be launched in October 2021.

Firstly our onboarding and login will be as smooth as any modern digital fintech app:

We will make the investments and their growing nest very visible to our customers:

For peace of mind, we will keep a recurring investment option so that every month, users’ money goes into their set investments, without them having to manually do it:

Loose change gets lost, and it amounts to a lot if we add up. Only the Americans lose about $62 million every year in loose change. We will build a feature that rounds up your purchases and invests the loose change in your set investments, growing over time.

Moreover, it will be a digital wallet which you can use to make daily purchases and even link to your bank account if you want to transfer your money back to your bank. It will be an ecosystem of your daily cash and investment needs, which will keep our users tied to it. As I mentioned, we are building it, keeping in mind the average mum and dads and not sophisticated traders.

We also plan to introduce expert fund managers on our platform, so if you are unsure of stocks, you can read their reports, recommendations and even copy their funds. This will make investment easy and hassle free.

Zin Token:

Zin token is a simple utility token. In decentralized finance or DeFi it is important that the token shares its value with its ecosystem. That is the true value of decentralized crypto. Our platform will be based on the Ethereum blockchain and Zin tokens will be the utility backbone of our platform. Users will be able to stake Zin to earn more Zin. In Defi staking is simply like a fixed deposit account, where you deposit a crypto-asset to earn the same or another crypto-asset. The more you hold and stake, the more you earn.

But the real value of Zin tokens will come from our burn mechanism. In the future (after our platform launch), we will earn profits on the platform through investment management fee, trading fee and other usages. We will use the fee in Zin tokens as burn. We will keep burning Zin tokens until all supply is burned. This is an extremely valuable proposition for the token holders as most of the crypto exchanges did not follow up on this. Token holders will also get fee discounts on the platform, rewards such as merchandise and stickers.

This means we are sharing our value with our token holders until 100% deflation (no supply remaining) is achieved in a truly decentralized manner.

We are building a DeFi blockchain platform and it is imperative that true decentralization is achieved with sharing all 100% value of the platform with our long term token holders. Our Team tokens will be locked for a minimum of 2 years until we achieve the road map we have set in place for 2022. This is our unrelenting commitment to the project.

All the token features and value propositions are built towards long term hold and continuous, stable income growth. If you are interested in more details about Zin then please read our white-paper. You are welcome on this exciting journey of growth with us.



Zin Finance

Zin is a futuristic fintech platform, combining the UX of crypto & traditional investments. Zin token is 100% deflationary with a buyback and burn mechanism