7 Simple Ways to Improve Production Value On Your Next Video

We all know video is a great way to connect with your audience. But how do you get the most out of the videos you produce? Here, we break down a few simple ways to improve the value and quality of your videos so your audience not only understands, but enjoys the content as well.

1. Up your sound game.

ex. lavalier microphone

It’s surprising how much you can get away with in terms of the image. It can be shaky, even discolored; people will chalk it up to style or choice. But many are less forgiving when it comes to poor audio. Sound often determines the first impression of your company, so if you want consumers to listen to the story you’re telling, make sure your audio is clean.

You can achieve this simply by using a lavalier mic — even an inexpensive one will greatly improve your video! And if you’re recording interviews or a voice-over, try to find a quiet place that doesn’t echo. Your audience will surely thank you for that.

2. Lighting.

Most everyone remembers to light their subjects’ faces, but not everyone considers the hair light. It can create a beautiful and subtle ‘halo’ or glow to the back of the head, which can help separate the subject from their background. It also makes your image appear more professional and cinematic. LEDs are a wonderful and affordable option when considering a lighting set up. At Corporate Shorts we use Wescott Flex lights to achieve this look.

ex. Wescott Flex Light

3. Separate your subject from the background.

Unless you’re going for that flat image look (which, more often than not, you’re not), moving your subject just a few feet away from their background creates visual interest in the image. Even better, try to find a space that has depth: both dark and light spaces, various angles, and contrast.

4. Use the golden “Rule of Thirds.”

Place the person or object on which you want the audience to focus on one of the lines that marks one third of the frame. While you’re doing this, don’t forget to mix up angles and backgrounds as well to give your production more variety for the viewer.

5. Why is my image so orange or blue?

Don’t forget to white balance your image. It makes the subjects in your frame look more natural and true to life. Your camera may have the ability to adjust the Kelvin reading or you can customize the white balance by taking a photo of a white sheet of paper in the light that your subject will be in. Read more about white balancing with this guide.


6. Get moving.

Keeping your camera on a tripod can be the best way to stabilize the image. But, it can also become boring and tedious. Going handheld or using a simple shoulder rig to move your camera for shots can be one of the easiest ways to enhance visual interest and create separation in the frame.

7. Catch a lot of interesting b-roll.

Nothing makes someone close a video faster than long periods of talking heads. No one wants to watch a lecture. Instead, make use of the visual medium by capturing visual evidence, metaphor, or description (“b-roll”) to better illustrate the message of the video. Sprinkle these throughout your video to connect your audience to the story.

BONUS: Hire someone who knows their stuff.

You really can do a lot with the technology at our fingertips these days. Smartphones shoot at high resolution and even some computers can do a decent job of recording video. But nothing beats professional production by people who do it for a living. If you’re stuck and not sure how to best incorporate video into your business, contact a video professional who can help!

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