Using Video in Small Business to Make a Big Impact

(Source: Creative Possibility)

When thinking about video as a marketing strategy, the most common goal is to have something go viral. Although that would be great, it could mean more for your business if the video impacts the right people and motivates them to act or respond accordingly. So, the question remains: how do you accomplish that? We have some tips to help you out.

1. Communicate what’s special about your small business.

Give it personality: is it cute, quirky, serious, funny? Pinpoint specific characteristics and then illustrate them.

A great example comes from the Dollar Shave Club. Their marketing campaign successfully conveys the company’s personality (funny, honest, trustworthy) while also selling their product, which has many of the same qualities.

2. Get the customer excited about your product/service.

What’s unique or interesting about your product/service? Why do people want it, or at least want to share your video about it?

What story do you want to tell to hook the audience and connect them with your company? Figure out the answers to these questions and highlight them.

3. Keep the video short.

Make sure to keep your video short and sweet so that the viewer gets the message, finishes the video, and hopefully shares it with their friends and networks.

A minute-thirty (1:30) is a great length for bite-sized video. Going past that requires your video to have some very fascinating things to keep viewers interested.

4. Call to action.

Give your viewers something to do after they have finished the video. Add a coupon, a special offer, or even just a secret tip about your business. This sparks engagement and action.

5. Location, location, location.

Share the video everywhere that’s relevant. Even if that means posting it on the Reddit thread for interesting videos. Find a way to get your video out there to the right people in the right niches.

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