In this video, the final video in the how to release a mixtape series, I speak about how to book shows for independent hip hop artists. This way they can release the mixtapes with event or mixtape release parties. 🎹 My Blog Post 👉: Sub My Channel: How To Release A Mixtape Series: I haven’t specifically done a mixtape launch party or a mixtape release event before, but I have been apart of bands, and I have booked shows for my bands. I use to take party a lot in open mic nights and help organize them for small local bars and venues. I feel that booking your own rap shows or organizing your own mixtape release event, is the quickest way to get recognition for your music. It’s that first big step to making your music career in the music industry a more professional look. I have also been a part of the Theather groups where I would help organize events for specific plays. This was a great experience and it also gave me huge confidence to create events for my own music and reach out to those that I needed to help me organize the shows. At the end of the day, it’s a gig. If it’s for a band or a mixtape doesn’t matter. I would strongly urge young musicians to find other bands or other artists to shadow for a day at a live event and see how it all works and how they organize the event. Booking shows for bands and musicians or your own rap artists can be very stressful. Do you need to know what’s needs to be needed? Who / what needs to be hired? DJ . PA, Merch sellers, lighting team, Sound Tech. Getting some experience with other musicians is a huge benefit to your confidence and will help you overcome issues that will definitely happen in some events and shows that you book. I also strongly recommend that independent rappers team up and do album or mixtape release parties together so that they can share the promotional costs, the promotional work, the PR for the event and workload that comes with organizing an event. It’s a great time to also build your email list and take advantage of all the fans that come to the shows by having someone go around with an I PAD and asking them to sign up to your email newsletter. Learn more about building a newsletter here: 📩 Email Marketing For Musicians Course: You can also use tools like Eventbrite and Facebook events to help set up your events. FB EVENTS: Eventbrite: Try and link your events to your fan-funding efforts like with on sites like Patreon — kick starter or IndieGoGo so you can maximize the revenue earned from those rap shows that you have booked. Please check back over the other videos. There are over 14 videos here in the complete series on how to release a mixtape with tons of information on what to do when you launch your first mixtape online. Don’t forget to visit my main blog where you can get a copy of the complete article that goes with all 14 videos of how to release a mixtape online. Links and Site Resources My G+ 🔈 Drums I Use: How To Promote Your Beats On Twitter 💻 My Twitter Music Marketing Course: Start A Website Course: 🎹 Buy Rap Beats Beat Store👉: lw.. by The Corporatethief Beats

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