One thing I doubt, one thing I believe, one thing I know.

I doubt my thoughts a lot, as I think I should sometimes. I kind of force myself to do it. It’s confusing unless you have this problem yourself. My problem is that I also believe my thoughts (usually stuff I shouldn’t). With all the things that go inside my head, I really scare myself a lot. “Cassandra I know you know that a snake can’t appear out of nowhere, but when you turn into the English hallway, there will be one there.”, but it’s usually more extreme to the point that I’m too scared to even leave my room. Since my imagination runs so wild I tend to not watch scary movies, or ponder on the worst possible scenarios that could happen to me (which regardless comes into my head anyways), but instead “go with my gut” and with scientific facts, which nicely fits with the fact of how I try to ignore my brain. Yet, there’s a positive from this. I know my thoughts. There’s a few ways I can go with this. Of course there’s the relief of other people not knowing what I’m thinking, but also that I know initially know myself so well I can stray away, but also bring myself back to reality. Basically I can control my crazy haha. Overall I’m kind of thankful for this as it makes me think out and be cautious of stuff.