SpaceX BulgariaSat-1 Mission

Elon Musk’s aerospace company SpaceX successfully launched two payloads into orbit over the weekend, and then landed the first-stage booster from each rocket onto one of the company’s drone ships.

On Friday, SpaceX launched a Falcon 9 rocket carrying the first telecommunications satellite for the country of Bulgaria from Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The first stage booster for that rocket — which had already been launched, landed, and refurbished once before — was successfully maneuvered down for a safe landing on a barge called “Of Course I Still Love You”.

On Sunday, SpaceX launched another Falcon 9 carrying 10…

steve jobs

It’s been 10 years since the iPhone first went on sale back in 2007, and lots of stories behind the device’s creation are spilling out.

One new story suggests that the iPhone might have turned out entirely differently, except for one two-week sprint where a team of elite Apple employees worked around the clock and slept in a hotel near Apple headquarters, several former Apple executives recalled to the Wall Street Journal.

Of course, it was late Apple CEO Steve Jobs asking his employees to work around the clock. …

BMW X3 2018

On Monday, BMW unveiled the all-new 2018 X3 SUV at its plant in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Since its introduction in 2003, the X3 has developed into one of BMW’s most important models.

Now, BMW has rearmed with an all-new third generation X3.

Once upon a time, success for a German luxury brand required a world-class compact sedan. Fortunately for BMW, the 3-Series has been the gold standard in a category for the better part of four decades.

These days, things have changed. The entry point into German luxury for most buyers is no longer through sedans, but rather through compact…

Travis Kalanick

Uber was already off to a bad start in 2017.

But now, just halfway through the year, the $69 billion ride-hailing company has lost its CEO and numerous other executives and fired over 20 other employees as it’s been rocked by scandal after scandal.

Uber’s bad luck began in January when the #DeleteUber movement led to a flurry of account deletions by customers upset about the company’s ties to President Trump. It lost more than 200,000 customers in just one weekend.

That was just a prelude to Uber’s no-good, very bad year. Since February, when a blog post by a…

Where Do Americans Watch TV

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Amazon aims to charge $2.8 million for ad packages during the NFL games it will stream in the coming season, according to Reuters, citing people familiar with the matter.

Amazon initially paid $50 million in April to the NFL for the rights to stream the 10 Thursday night games.

Amazon will be able to sell up to 10 30-second ad spots for each streamed game. Ads will run on the live stream, while local ads will appear on network TV. As…

pretty little liars season 6

Good morning! Here is the tech news you need to know this Monday.

1. British politicians have been locked out of their official email accounts after a brute force attack. Security services think another state is probably behind the attack, according to the Guardian.

2. Justin Caldbeck, a partner at VC firm Binary Capital, has quit after six women in tech claimed he sexually harassed them. Caldbeck originally denied the claims, then apologised, then quit, according to several media reports over the weekend.

3. Amazon has applied to patent a beehive-like tower for delivery drones. The strange, sci-fi design shows…

BI Review Xperia 4x3

Sony has come to grips with the fact that you’re probably not going to buy its smartphones.

The Japanese giant has steadily stripped down its Xperia line of phones over the past few years, effectively conceding that its dreams of reaching Apple and Samsung are over. But Sony has brought its mobile business back to profitability in the process.

The company is now trying to keep that going by mainly selling expensive devices, the kind guaranteed to bring some sort of return, that bank on standing out to reel people in.

And so we have the Xperia XZ Premium, Sony’s…

firas kittaneh amerisleep

When Firas Kittaneh was in college, he and his brother Moe used to skip class so they could run a kiosk selling “fuzzy slippers” at the local mall.

The Kittaneh brothers were originally born in Palestine, but moved to the United Arab Emirates when they were young. In 2001, they moved to Wichita, Kansas, to attend university and study biomedicine. It didn’t take long for the pair to get swept away in an “entrepreneurial dream,” however, Firas Kittaneh tells Business Insider.

When the Kittaneh brothers graduated school, they were “obsessed with creating jobs,” he says. They moved to a suburb…

galaxy s8 vs oneplus5

Samsung’s Galaxy S8 is the most feature-filled, beautiful smartphone you can get, period. It has the best camera, the best design, the best screen, and the latest specs.

Yet, despite these accolades, I’m still more attracted to the new OnePlus 5.

What could the Galaxy S8 possibly do wrong that makes me drift towards the OnePlus 5 instead?

I want to give the Galaxy S8 the credit it deserves, so check out all the things the Galaxy S8 can do that the OnePlus 5 can’t. Then, see why I’d still pick the OnePlus 5:

The Galaxy S8 has a striking design compared to the OnePlus 5.

rotisserie roasted chicken

Amazon spread its reach further into the retail industry on Friday when it announced its jaw-dropping acquisition of Whole Foods for $13.7 billion.

The market’s instant reaction — Amazon’s shares rallied while those of its competitors tumbled — sent a clear message: Investors are bullish on Amazon’s success in the delicate business of fresh-food delivery, and they’re worried about its effect on established grocers like Target and Walmart.

But at least seven retail companies’ stocks are “un-Amazon-able,” according to a note on Monday from Oliver Chen, a senior equity research analyst at Cowen:

“Taking a step back in the sector…

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