Today my Arch Linux broke again. But this was different from past times. Previously, I have broke my Arch Linux while updating (that’s a story for whole another time, in short, it happened due to missing boot partition /dev/sda1 entry in /etc/fastb which resulted in kernel mismatch while updating kernel) but this time I didn’t even know what broke it, which made it pretty cumbersome to fix it. I gave my laptop to a non-linux user without my supervision for some time. He called me to inform that my laptop was not working properly. When I took laptop in my…

If you are someone who is thinking to start a career in Data Science, or have little experience and want to explore the field of Data Science extensively. I was at same place few months ago. In this blog I will guide you how and where to start learning Data Science.

When I felt need of learning Data Science, to find optimal resource to learn I searched entire web and shortlisted few MOOCs(Massive online open courses) as well as books, but after trying them all I finally stumbled upon DataCamp. That was the point where my Data Science journey started.

Shashank Shekhar

Data Science and Machine Learning Enthusiast

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