Food in America

According to most people, all of American food is about burgers, fries, and anything else greasy and bad for you. But how true is that?

Last week I interview 4 people asking them about Italian vs. American food culture. 2 of the interviewee’s were Italians, and 2 were Americans. All of them, including the Americans, said that American food culture revolved around greasy, fast food. It may be true that Americans tend to eat more greasy, fast food than members of different cultures, however, there are many different types of diets and cuisines that can be found in America. America is a large, diverse country and the different foods available throughout the country should be represented and known about.

When walking along the street in America, you can find Indian, Thai, Chinese, Mexican, Italian, Seafood, Mediterranean, or American restaurants. The food is very much more divers than what I have seen so far in Italy. The food in Italy, although different in every region, is mostly Italian food. You might occasionally see a burger house, a Mexican restaurant, or a Kebab house, but for the most part the food served is Italian. This makes sense, as Italians are very proud of their food, rightfully so, but it is definitely a different dynamic than what I am used to seeing in America.

In America people usually decide on what type of food they are going to eat for the evening, and then from there narrow it down to the restaurant. In Italy, it usually just comes down to picking between Italian restaurants. As I said previously, there is some multicultural cuisine in Italy, it just is minuscule when compared to the diversity in American restaurants.

I am going to go over some of my personal favorite restaurants in Washington State. I have chosen restaurants that are very different from each other, one’s that are my go-to depending on what I am in the mood for.

Zips: Zips is a burger joint that is only found in Spokane, WA. This fast food restaurant represents what most people’s minds immediately go to when thinking of American food. Although this food is stereotypical of American food, it is not all that America has to offer. This food is great when you are in a rush, when you are a broke college student, or when you simply just want a tasty burger.

The Ellensburg Pasta Co.: This restaurant is located in Ellensburg, WA where I attend school. The food here is authentic Italian food, and I’m allowed to say that now since I have been living in Italy. This is by far the nicest restaurant in Ellensburg, and it definitely has the best tasting food.

Taste of Thai: This is my families favorite take-out restaurant. The Thai food here is very delicious, and works well with the American culture by allowing people to take food to go so that they can get on with their busy lives.

Twigs: This restaurant could be referred to as American cuisine, I suppose. A restaurant like this is a restaurant that isn’t any particular type of food. They serve pasta, steak, hamburgers, salad, seafood, etc. Really anything you would want, they sell it. Although this restaurant tends to be on the nicer side, it is still very similar to a lot of other “American restaurants”

QQ’s Sushi: Even though Spokane is not located on the ocean, we still have sushi. QQ’s is a quaint sushi shop located in Spokane WA, and the sushi is amazing. I have eaten some of my favorite sushi at this shop.

Taco Del Mar: This is not technically a sit-down restaurant. It is, I suppose, considered fast-food. However, the ingredients are very fresh, and the food is very tasty. Washington is not known for Mexican food like California is, but Washingtonians still love taco’s and still find a way to get their hands on them.

P.F. Changs: This restaurant is a bigger chain restaurant with locations throughout the country. The Chinese food is some of the best, and the price is a tell-tale sign. At P.F. Changs, they serve sushi, lettuce wraps, orange chicken etc.

Starbucks: Starbucks is very popular in Washington state, mostly because the first Starbucks was in Seattle Washington. There are Starbucks’ everywhere in the U.S.A., but especially in Washington State. In Seattle there is at least one on every street. After drinking Italian coffee I’m not sure how I will adjust back to Starbucks, but back home it was one of my favorite coffee shops to meet people and sip on some coffee.

Viadolce Gelato: Yes, we have gelato in America! Although gelato shops are not nearly as common as in Italy, they still exist. My favorite gelato shop in America is in Leavenworth WA, a town just 40 minutes outside of Ellensburg. Gelato is much tastier and creamier than ice cream is. In America we have hundreds of ice cream shops and only a handful of gelato shops. Despite this fact, gelato will always be the winner.

Cafe Akroteri: Okay, I love Mediterranean food, so this one is by far my favorite. This restaurant is located in Bellingham WA, 2hours north of Seattle. This restaurant serves Gyros, greek salad, baklava, and anything else Greek. The food is outstanding, and I can’t wait to see how it compares to authentic food from Greece.

Fleur De Sel: This is a French restaurant that specializes in crepes. It is located in Spokane Washington and has savory and sweet crepes. One of my favorites!

Anthony’s: Anthony’s is known for seafood. It is one of those restaurants where people will go on their anniversary to eat delicious, fresh seafood dishes. I have not eaten at this restaurant often, but I have been impressed by the food on the occasions where I have eaten there.

Method Juice Bar: Many people all around the world are getting sucked into the health kick. It is truly an amazing thing. Despite the rumors of all Americans being fat and unhealthy, Americans are catching on to this trend as well. Health foods such as quinoa, chia seeds, black beans, and smoothies have caught on in America, and now many health juice bars are popping up around the country. One of the most popular ones in Spokane is called Method Juice Bar. It sells smoothies, acai bowls (healthy smoothie/granola breakfast bowls), and other healthy snacks.

Acai Bowl

There are many diverse types of cuisine’s in America that many outsider’s, or sometimes even insider’s tend to overlook. These restaurants are just a few examples of my favorite American restaurants, in which I think represent the diversity in American restaurants.

It is fascinating coming to a different country and seeing the different ways that people interact with food in that particular culture. It is also interesting to see people’s perception of my culture and wondering what it is that made them believe such things. I can say that my experience in Italy has confirmed my beliefs of what Italian food culture would be like. It is everything that I had imagined and I am loving every second of it. I do think it is quite funny, however, to see what Italians think about American culture before they have ever even been there. Americans don’t eat burgers and fries as much as a lot of Europeans think we do. In fact, many American’s say that eating a burger is a rare occurrence for them and is often considered a splurge. That is why I have laid out the many diverse cuisine’s inAmerica, to demonstrate the real American food culture experience.

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