Gelato VS Ice Cream

Gelato literally means ice cream in Italian. But I just need to make one thing very clear, there is a difference between gelato and ice cream.

In America we have both. You can go to the store and there is the gelato section, and then there is the ice cream section. Same with ice cream parlor’s. We have gelato shops as well as ice cream shops. And in case you haven’t already tried them both, gelato is the obvious winner. Even in America, gelato is much tastier and creamier than ice cream is. Gelato is seen almost as a luxury in America, as it is much less common and much more expensive.

Gelato has less fat, and less air in the gelato. This makes the gelato creamier and denser than traditional American ice cream. There is less fat due to the use of milk instead of heavy cream. The air in the gelato or ice cream comes from the churning process. The faster the ice cream is churned, the more air there is, which makes the ice cream less flavorful. Since gelato is churned slower than ice cream is, it has less air which makes it more flavorful.

The last difference between gelato and ice cream is the serving temperature. Since gelato has less fat and less air, it becomes more hard when it is frozen at extremely cold temperatures. Gelato is served at a warmer temperature than ice cream is for this reason. If ice cream was served at the same temperature that gelato is, it would be practically melted.

Keep this in mind next time you are wondering whether or not they are just the same thing with a different name. They are much different, and gelato is much tastier.

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