I love you.

I’ve never craved the touch of someone so much before. There isn’t a single aspect of you that I don’t find appealing. You have saved me from myself. Being with you every day is the best decision I make, I love you more than you will ever know. I’ve never really believed I would feel what everyone always says the “you’ll know when you’re in love”. I totally know now and I want every single piece of you…I want the good and the bad. Being next to you is the most amazing privilege I could have ever earned. You have made me whole again and I want no one but you, not now not ever. You’re it baby.

I love the way you walk towards me just seeing you makes me smile even if I’m upset. When you approach me and wrap your arms around me I can’t breathe for a few seconds, the way you kiss me and all the passion that floods from your lips to mine is enough to knock me off my feet. I love your goofy smile when I make you laugh by 9 times out of 10 saying something completely ridiculous. I love when you look into my eyes and just stare into them for a little while. I love it when you connect our foreheads, I just love everything about you.

I never want to let this go or give you up and I never ever will no matter what life throws at us I’m in this forever with you. You are my past, present, and future and I love you so much.

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