CorRoborate Wedding Films

Our Start in the Love Business

Kaffee Meister. How else would I start out a story. I spend an unsustainable amount of time there along with a generous chunk of my my already meager ‘real job’ earnings. I’ve spent every available moment of the last week right here in my seat working on a new page of the CorRoborate site to house my growing portfolio of wedding films.

That’s right, MY seat, don’t pretend like you haven’t seen me sitting there every single time you’ve ever come to the shop! If you take it without prior consultation you should expect to face ramifications including, but not limited to, me angrily pouting under my breath, giving you the occasional menacing glance and shortness of breath, hopefully.

Anyways, in an effort to stop the financial hemorrhaging that comes with starting a business, I’ve decided to get into the business of love. Specifically, filming it and putting it on the the internet! Wait, phrasing… I of course mean creating beautiful and cinematic wedding films that tell each couples unique story and provide them with a way to relive those joyous and unforgettable moments in glorious high definition.

When making my first forays into filmmaking, I hadn’t really considered getting into wedding videography. To be perfectly honest I didn’t have much of a plan at all. But here at the shop it seems as though another barista is tying the knot each month, so it proved difficult to avoid weddings. My very first wedding for Chris and Bobbie was quite the adventure. For starters the venue was a three hour drive from San Diego. So in order to get there in time, also taking into account morning L.A. traffic, I had to wake up around 5:30 to get ready, check and recheck all of my gear, and be on the road by 7.

Shooting all went to plan up until their principal photographer decided to step in front of me during ‘the kiss’, so I missed what is arguably the most iconic and important image of any wedding, but hey, the show must go wrong! Besides, that just plays to my ‘avant-garde’ style, right? Who needs ‘iconic’ and ‘important’ imagery when you distract them by making everything SLO-MO! Out of sheer exhaustion I ended up leaving just after dances, toasts and cake to make it back home around 9:00pm so all in all, it was about a 16 hour day. I need a nap just thinking about it, but it was fantastic experience, a gorgeous venue and I was glad to be helping out one of my Kaffee Meister kin.

Since then I’ve shot two more weddings, both for former baristas here at the shop and both have turned out brilliantly. Weddings have also turned out to be one of the few types of project that I actually enjoy editing. I’m perfectly happy dragging my feet on school projects and other little side gigs, but there’s something about the freedom of a wedding film and finding the perfect soundtrack to go with it…

So if you’re getting married in San Diego and looking for a filmmaker that will create a stunning wedding film and immortalize one of the happiest days of your lives all for a very reasonable price, look no further can CorRoborate Productions.