Tef-Gel — The Best Corrosion Elimination Gel!

If you are looking for the best corrosion elimination gel, then you have come to the right place! It’s the Tef-Gel that you can use now for a wide range of metals in order to prevent corrosion. This corrosion elimination gel is designed to work with the dissimilar metals for which the corrosion has occurred. There are really many benefits of using Tef-Gel anti corrosion gel. This gel is greatly used at the industries in order to prevent corrosion that can occur with metals and other materials with time. Whether it’s all about rust prevention or eliminating corrosion, the Tef-Gel is designed to perform all these works in an effortless manner. Once applied on the metal’s portion where corrosion may occur or has occurred, it can clean the corrosion and keep the metal in the best shape. From marine industry to other industries where metal works are common, this anti corrosion gel is now used abundantly. This type of gel is also used as anti-seize lubricant. That means if there are gaps among metal pieces came up due to corrosion or rust, then this gel can be applied in order to fix the problem and to get that metal piece work in a whole condition.

Where this corrosion elimination gel can be used?

· Electrical appliances can come across corrosion like problem due to constant electrical contacts. The Tef-Gel can eliminate such corrosion successfully.

· Aluminum like metal can also come across corrosion on frequent use. Stainless steel of all grades including 316 and 304 can even come across the same problem. Tef-Gel can be applied to eliminate corrosion and to perform a proper lubrication for those parts which are made of such metals. Applying this anti corrosion gel can even enhance the serviceability of the metals.

· For mechanical fastenings, hinges and fittings, this anti corrosion gel can also be used in order to make them more presentable and highly functional. Application of this gel can even prevent the blistering paints as well as it can prevent rust stains.

· The Tef-Gel like anti corrosion gel can be used for the nuts and bolts in order to lessen up friction between them. Application of such corrosion elimination gel can even prevent galling and fretting of the stainless threads.

· The dia-electric property of this anti corrosion gel makes it perfect to be used for electrical applications.

· If there is corrosion among tow different metals, then also such gel can be applied to prevent corrosion among them.

· It comes with an indefinite shelf life and will not harden or when exposed to the outer atmosphere.

· This is a non-flammable product and under usual usages it cannot be mentioned as a hazardous ingredient.

· This is also a non-toxic and non-volatile product that you can use without any worry.

When you are dealing with metal, you need to keep in mind that electrolytes can enter into the interface of different metallic surfaces. In order to prevent this process, Tef-Gel like corrosion elimination gel can be used. Application of such anti corrosion gel leaves no voids.