The Battle Pass is out and while The International X and the DPC are on hold, the ingame achievements and rewards are going ahead. But how much do you have to actually do to get these rewards, or how much are you going to need to pay to get what you want? Here’s a quick breakdown of all the payouts.

I mean, it’s a nice looking Aegis of the Immortal, but we’re not doing The International this year…

How we’re going to do this

We’re going to assume you’ve bought a Level 100 Battle Pass to start off with. There’s 108 days before the deadline of September 12th to do all the activities and achievements, many of which are daily or weekly events, so…

Author’s Note (27/MAY/2020) — This guide is now outdated with many changes being made in the last year including adding and removing some of the game mechanics such as the removal of shrines and the addition of outposts and neutral items. This mid-2019 article will be kept as-is and a new one will (eventually) be written to reflect these changes.

The International 2019 begins tomorrow with it’s ninth iteration! If you haven’t watched a ARTS/MOBA before, or are coming from Heroes of the Storm or League of Legends, Dota can be rather confusing to understand on first glance. …

Artifact is getting rebooted. It seems that the Artifact development crew have made the call to change gears after the first updates to the game failed to make players content with small patches frequently, and will go with the Valve traditional playbook move:

Radio silence. Make the biggest update you can. Release update. Anything else is unnecessary.

A lot of people will argue whether “continuous small updates to improve over time” vs. “cutting contact for two to three months and rebooting everything” is the better play. However, the choice has already been made, and as such we’re left to speculate…

Because I can’t contain my hype and my other idea was to rate all the cards we have seen already which would have been outdated this weekend.

1: Pre-orders/Early Access will get the October Closed Beta access. If this doesn’t happen, expect to see the PAX West Artifact keys on eBay for fifty dollars — then drop back to uselessness because they announce this two weeks later for no reason other than to screw people over.

Guessing: Yes, pay $20 and you’ll get Closed Beta access in October.

2: Draft format details. So with 3 boosters you’ll have 36 drafted…

(aka an endless game price debate)

This is speculation in early August, written from the perspective as an Android: Netrunner and Dota 2 player, rather than a mainstream MtG player.

On the 2nd of August Valve sent out a press release on Artifact, which is the biggest batch of info we’ve gotten since March. As a fan of card games, Valve and Dota 2, I have to do a bit of a breakdown about this because it has some very big implications for how Artifact will be run.

“Artifact, the digital card game from legendary designer Richard Garfield and Valve will be playable by attendees…

What do I get with the TI8 Battle Pass with how much I spend?

“So hot, it was banned in Belgium!”

Part 1: How Many Levels Can I Get For Playing Dota?

It depends, and you will most likely not complete all of the challenges before the time runs out. Here’s a breakdown of what is available.

Cavern Crawl — There are 49 rewards in here that give points, meaning at minimum you will need to win 49 games with a different hero each time — if you’re lucky. Most likely you will find a good amount of points here — let’s say five of the nine big battle point rewards and about 20 of the smaller ones for a total of 17 levels. Max is 32 levels.

Tipping –While tipping is…

It’s been a busy few months with the DPC and we’ve finally gone through almost all the qualifiers, meaning the final lockdown is upon us for the top 8. With 5 events to go, now is a perfect time to have a look at the current standings and how the format went, as well as what could happen and bad predictions that will totally come back to haunt me.


Part 1: The Invite System Is A Complete Mess And I Sound Like A Conspiracy Theorist For Hating North America

With 8 events left, we’re starting to close in on the endgame of the Dota Pro Circuit season and we’re already starting to see a few patterns and teams emerging. So, here are the top questions we can try to answer about the DPC ladder.

Question 1: Can Virtus Pro go below 8th position?

No. In fact it’s kinda impossible to push them below 7th place.

VP are on 7197 team points. There’s 27450 team points left in the season, and we divide that between each team to get them above VP it looks like this -

Can’t even get to filling up 8th place. Hm.

With a huge influx of news about Artifact and how it will play, we can stop complaining with no information on the game and start complaining with incomplete and not-final information. There’s a lot that’s been revealed that changes how we look at Artifact and the biggest has to do with who is running the show and how it’s going to be sold, as well as possibly the biggest declaration of war we’ve seen in gaming.

This guy.

Richard Garfield designed the ruleset and playstyle of Artifact. This guy. You know Magic, right? The OG TCG that is still in production since…

Mercy is in the oddest spot on the roster. Her two abilities of being the best long-range healer in the game and rezzing anyone by itself is enough to make her almost unbalanceable. And with the change to her ultimate to Valkyrie, something else that others may have missed has come up. It’s not the rez or the flying that’s made Mercy OP again. It’s the fact that she stole every other support’s trick: for 30 seconds you can heal the entire team back up to full. That’s Zenyatta and Lucio’s ultimate for 30 seconds, plus the Resurrect. …

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