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As a current high schooler myself, I will say that the picture you paint of entrepreneurship, of dropping out, of not being beaten down by the system, is completely sugar coated. The system to achieve our goals greatly disadvantages students, it stacks the odds against us, the things you discuss are not easy things, and they are barely even possible things. For over two years I have engaged in conversations, meetings and discussions with teachers, school administrators and students on the topic of implementing different programs, things like more robust computer science classes, a maker space to allow students to create, as well as attempting to advocate for the inclusion of modern teaching methods. The one resounding thing I have heard is no. The schools don’t want to change, the teachers don’t want technology or new methods, administators are afraid of injuries and lower college acceptance rates, the parents are worried about colleges, and students don’t care for the most part. The system is designed to beat us down, to dampen what we can do, what we can change, what we can improve. Colleges, start-ups, big companies — people with power, with money, with time, with the ability to do things, are unwilling to help high school students achieve much of anything. Instead we have to fight our way to the peak, we have to deal with every negative thing around, we have to overcome the odds being stacked against us, without any guarantee of anything working.

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