It would be much better if they were allowed to learn and experiment at their own pace, with effective support provided when they require and request it.
Considering forcing teachers to use technology? Think again.
José Picardo

Problem is, if you allow teachers to take their time, to let them explore technology without any pressure of implementing it in their classroom, and they are of the type that generally dislikes technology in classrooms, they almost certainly won’t use it. From a standard perspective this isn’t that bad, except for the students, it’s a major problem. Using technology has become a part of life, and largely for the better, as students we need to get used to using it in every aspect of our lives. When I’m at school, the chance that I don’t have my laptop within two feet of me, or at least in the same room as me, is almost zero. When at school, I’m a model of what amazing things can be done with technology in a classroom. My laptop works as an extension of me. In science and math class I can visualize data easily, look up informatoin that can help and build complex math systems. In english and history I can stream live news to the front of the classroom, find and add information about books, characters, people to our discussions, while taking notes quicker, and in an easier to understand way than on paper. Technology has meaningful impacts on students when it is used correctly in classrooms, and to allow teachers who have had bad experiences with it themselves to prevent this, would be to the detriment of students all over this country.