The woes of creating gaming content as part of the 99%

Why is it that less than 1% of gaming content creators get to monetize?

I have a friend, let’s call him Larry. Larry has been streaming on Twitch for years. He makes content based on what he enjoys, he has this top-notch gaming setup that will make even the top streamers drool, he’s a very good commentator who always has something to say, he even follows a tight streaming schedule that he doesn’t miss.

He has all the recipes to being a very successful Twitch streamer but when you check his analytics dashboard **crickets**. On a good day, he gets 4 viewers at most. Most of the time well, it’s a flat ZERO. Likewise, the chances he gets to monetize his channel are exactly that: Zero.

I often ask him, why not just quit? Well, according to him he’s just waiting for his “lucky break” and his dream has always been to make a living doing the thing he loves the most: playing video games. Now imagine this, there are millions of other people just like him. They even started a community.

Now here’s the thing, every aspiring gaming content creator wants to be the next Pewdiepie even though it’s not for everyone. If you’re part of the lucky 1% then props to you, if not well, tough luck. I can’t count how many times I’ve been the only viewer in an empty live stream that’s been running for hours.

Does that mean these creators should stop creating content? NO! Definitely not. Sure, not everyone has the charisma of Felix Kjellberg, but every gamer has deep and extensive knowledge about a game they’ve been playing for years. Why not capitalize on that?

What I want these creators to know is that content creation in gaming is a lot more than just streaming, it can be creating guides for new players, creating walkthroughs for those who are stuck in a game, or even sharing inspirational highlight plays in League of Legends showcasing a build that has never been seen before.

But why bother? These types of content are not sexy. I mean, has anyone actually become famous for creating these? Heck, can you even monetize? Well, unless you’re somehow the editor of a gaming media company like Polygon or Kotaku, the answer is probably no.

It’s an open secret that content creation in gaming rewards entertainment value over informational value. I mean how could they not? Gaming content is usually uploaded to entertainment-centric platforms like YouTube, Twitch, and Tiktok of all places.

People come to those platforms to unwind and consume entertaining content. It’s a no-brainer that the algorithm will prefer the ones that can generate more engagement.

But what if there’s a platform that works entirely differently? A platform that values and rewards information over entertainment?

Gamer Points make it possible for creators to create and monetize their content through our Play and Earn platform. We are an all-in-one gaming hub where you can earn while playing any video game on PC. There are a variety of ways to earn on our platform but the one I’ll focus on in this essay is arguably our best feature: Content Creation. With the help of our platform, everyone can be a content creator.

To start, all you need to do is record snippets of your gameplay, write a few lines of context, and publish. All of these done on the platform itself. Need to edit the snippet you captured? Done, we have editing tools in the platform. Worried that you pressed the record button too late? No worries, the last 1 minute before clicking record is always saved (you have the option to disable this). We’re constantly adding more ease-of-life features that help creators create the perfect content.

Here’s where the magic comes in: the guides you create appear at the right place at the right time, for example, you wrote a guide on how to defeat Margit the Fell Omen in Elden Ring. The content you created will be suggested by the algorithm the moment the player reaches that particular section of the game. This ensures that someone somewhere will always be able to consume your content.

Here comes the best part about all of this, you can earn from the content you create! How is that possible? For context, Gamer Points is a play-and-earn platform where gamers can earn points from in-game ads that appear on the screen. Using these points, gamers can reward you with merits that award you with points of your own. If the content you created really wowed the players, they can even cash in (through our platform) their fiat to send you merits.

The perceived quality of the content you create does not take your charisma or any other outside factors into the account. Instead, the more in-depth you go with the information you share, the more you’ll earn! High-quality informational content always wins.

Soon, we will integrate a bunch more ways for you to monetize be it via a monthly subscription or a brand sponsorship of your own.

As you create your own, you can also browse other guides made by other creators. All content made in the platform are stored in a separate feature we call is a handy tool as it vastly improves your gaming experience. Imagine having a guide to the game you’re playing right inside the game itself. No more switching tabs to search youtube for a guide on how to defeat Ganondorf’s 2nd form or the recipe to that Item that will stun Margit for a good while. You have it all in front of your screen. These guides come in both the written version for those that want an in-depth guide and a video snippet for those that want something that can be quickly digested. It all boils down to what you prefer.

The best part about these guides is that they appear exactly when you need them. You’re about to enter Sigrun the Valkyrie’s lair in God of War? Here’s a guide on how to defeat her. Oh, you chose Echo as your hero in your first ranked League of Legends game? Here’s a highlight reel from one of the best Echo users.

More information about will be released soon in a separate post.

At the end of the day, it is our mission at Gamer Points to help gamers earn while doing what they love the most whether it be through content creation, passive gameplay, or community game nights.

Gamers of all forms and sizes are welcome to try out our platform. While we are starting with PC, our end goal is to reach Gamers on all platforms so that everyone can have their own Gamer Points experience.

Most importantly, I would like all gaming creators to know, you have a home here at Gamer Points and together, we will thrive.

Now in line with this, if you’re a creator or you plan to be one in the future, let’s set up a discovery call. I’d love to onboard you to be one of the first content creators to take part in our Open Beta. Please reach out to me at



Johannes is the CEO & Co-founder of Gamer Points. Gamer since 1999, his first memory is him playing Final Fantasy VII on Playstation 1.

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Johannes Cortez

Johannes is the CEO & Co-founder of Gamer Points. Gamer since 1999, his first memory is him playing Final Fantasy VII on Playstation 1.